PC Magazine review gives Apple’s new video-capable iPod 5 out of 5 stars

“Don’t call it the Video iPod, the vPod, or anything that indicates that this is a video player. It’s the new iPod, period. Though it does have video-playback capabilities, Apple has chosen to keep the iPod’s focus on audio (for now). That said, video looks excellent on the new model’s 2.5-inch screen, and the thinner profile—not to mention new audio capabilities such as high-quality stereo recording—makes it more versatile than previous generations. Consider that you can now get the 30GB model for the same price as the previous-generation 20GB model, and you have a pretty impressive product,” Michael Kobrin writes for PC Magazine.

“Overall, we’re very happy with this new release, though we’d still like to see a few things like photo pan and zoom, a custom graphic equalizer, on-the-fly calendar editing, and the ability to delete files directly on the device. Combined with Apple’s video offerings (which include plenty of free video podcasts as well as for-pay content), we think video support is a very good addition to an already excellent music player,” Kobrin writes.

Full review here.

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  1. Wow, a FIVE OUT OF FIVE from PC magazine.

    Boy has things changed, it used to be PC mag was spewing the most anti-Apple propoganda the world has ever seen, afraid of losing Microsoft’s advertising dollars.

    Perhaps PC mag is just fluffing for dollars, but it’s nice to hear they changed up.

  2. Thank god they didn’t put Dvorak on the review team, or we’d be hearing about how biased tech reviewers are and how they love Apple because they always use Apple hardware and the problem will only get worse as iPod marketshare grows and Apple’s hardware continues to innovate.

    Glad to see there are some competent people at PC Magazine to compensate for the black hole that goes by the name Dvorak.

    Magic word: “feeling,” as in: it’s a good feeling to see a PC magazine admit that Apple “doesn’t suck” (god forbid they call Apple “good,” “excellent” or even “innovative”).

  3. Did you people forget that the iPod (and iTunes) is also a product for Microsoft Windows? PC Magazine is not being a “turncoat” at all in this case. I’m sure that more iPod+iTunes users are Windows users than Mac users…

  4. I am amazed at what is happening here. PC Magazines are watching Apple’s every move. Reviewing all of their products, and making refrences to them in their articles (not to mention the countless ads that feature PowerBooks with the Apple logo photoshopped off). What are they getting at? Don’t they have something else they can write about- something that THEY can use? Haha guess not

  5. I’m sure the PC magazines are trying to position themselves to be the magazine that covers all personal computers – windows, mac, linix, etc… They may actually succeed because they can do stories talking about integrating Macs and Windows systems.

    It is the magazines and websites that include Windows in the name that are doomed.

  6. It was a good review. It mentioned some interesting details, like lyrics on the iPod screen, videos continuing from the point they were stopped, improved audio quality and CD quality recording that is accessible in disk mode. On the other hand they did not mention the lack of FireWire support or the loss of line out from the dock connector; those are two reasons not to give it a perfect score.

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