USA Today: Apple’s new iPod + video: world’s foremost portable music players have gotten only better

“Apple CEO Steve Jobs is a whiz at whipping up speculation about his company’s latest gear,” Edward C. Baig writes for USA Today. “Apple’s new products typically live up to the lofty expectations that accompany the hype. Didn’t we all just go gaga over the iPod Nano?Well, it’s time to applaud Apple again — though with a tad more restraint. I’ve reached this conclusion after evaluating the first iPod that can play videos — and play them well. Devices hit stores this week; if history is a guide, expect shortages.”

“While this iPod’s innovation is its video capability, Apple still stresses the iPod’s prowess as an audio device. In fact, the new models replace the existing full-size iPods (at the same price). So you now get video capability whether you choose to take advantage of it or not,” Baig reports. “Videos do look strikingly smooth on the new iPod’s 2.5-inch diagonal color display (resolution: 320 by 240 pixels). That’s true indoors anyway; in direct sun, the video washes out badly… Apple isn’t the first to bring video to a portable device. But with its trademark simplicity, it’s nailed video in ways that have eluded rivals. Apple makes it easy to find, download and pay for legal content… I fetched videos from Fiona Apple, Harry Connick Jr., Shania Twain and U2. In each case, I was impressed by the fluid video playback and sonic fidelity.”

“Apple also made news last week with its landmark deal with Disney, owner of ABC. So you can also catch up on five TV shows, including two of the most popular, Desperate Housewives and Lost. That represents a tiny fraction of what’s on TV. I would hope all the studios make more content available soon,” Baig writes. “You can watch home movies and existing videos on the iPod, too, if you convert the video to the proper format. You may have to use software, such as Apple’s QuickTime 7 Pro ($30), to handle the heavy lifting… You’ll also need to buy a cable ($19) if you want to view on your TV a photo slide show or videos that you’ve stored on the iPod. The video looks a lot less snazzy on a TV than on the iPod. You won’t need a cable or an iPod to view your purchased video on your computer with iTunes software; the video looks fine.”

Baig writes, “Even if you never watch a second of video, the latest devices make terrific iPods. In that respect, the world’s foremost portable music players have gotten only better. Seeing is believing.”

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  1. yeah, it’s getting better excepting encoding process by quicktime. people are not just watching purchase one but also homevideo, ripping DVD, too. it’s just killing me. 8 minutes one takes 30 minutes. Apple should fix this one.

  2. wait a minute…didn’t we learn the other day how no one is really impressed by the vPod already? Can’t these journalists agree for once, would make me and my purchase decision so much easier. I never decide on my own, I ALWAYS let tech journalists decide for me, really.

  3. I find it interesting that intelligent reviewers are now talking about the new iPod + video, (which is exactly what is is ) not the new video iPod. This is a crucial distinction that some of the Microsoft biased critics missed or deliberately ignored in the first go round of reviews.

  4. As my aging PDA moves slowly to it’s end times – it would be really sweet if Apple choose to release an upgrade that included a full service PDA offering – life then would be good – just talking to myself again – iImean a iPod with audio, video and a PDA to boot – wow!

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