The Motley Fool: ‘Apple’s new video-enabled iPod is about to save the televised content industry’

“The new video-enabled iPod is about to save the televised content industry. It just doesn’t know it yet. Just as the music labels were at first upset at the digital prowess of Apple Computer, it soon realized that Apple’s ‘Rip, Mix, Burn’ marketing mantra was simply the fork in the road to an iTunes powered future that has enriched the four remaining songsmiths with 500 million digital downloads,” Rick Aristotle Munarriz writes for The Motley Fool.

“That’s why what intrigued me more than Apple’s content distribution deal with ABC last week was the initial industry backlash. ABC affiliates began to bemoan lower ratings if fans of shows like Lost and Desperate Housewives altered their viewing patterns to simply download commercial-free versions the following day. Sponsors no doubt started quibbling about losing their marketable reach. As those dominos would tumble, eventually show producers would complain about a lack of funds for new televised programming,” Munarriz writes.

“The video-friendly iPod is going to create a ton of incremental revenue streams for the owners of televised content. Right now we’re talking about a few hit shows from ABC and some computer-rendered shorts from Pixar (Nasdaq: PIXR). Just wait. It will get better… In the end, Apple looks like it’s going to save yet another ungrateful industry. One day, the filmed entertainment giants will come to see the light — the way Gwyneth Paltrow and that cat from Coldplay did. They too will name their firstborn Apple,” Munarriz writes.

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  1. the shortsightedness of the entertainment industry is astonishing.

    $1.99 per episode of a TV show without commercials is a garaunteed 2 bucks. If I watch it with commercials, they have advertising revenue. As people ignore ads more and more, they will buy less, and companies won’t want to pay as much for ad space.

    hmmmm, garaunteed 2 bucks (per episode) or ad revenue. also, consider purchased episodes can be bought at ANY time in the future. it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the per episode price is an easy trade off from ad revenue.

    lol, MDN word: Fiscal, as in entertainment analysts seem to be fiscally braindead if they can’t see the benefits of a per episode purchasing program.

  2. “One day, the filmed entertainment giants will come to see the light — the way Gwyneth Paltrow and that cat from Coldplay did. They too will name their firstborn Apple,” Munarriz writes.”

    Man, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

  3. “As long as Apple/SJ are saving industries perhaps they could do something with the airlines and the domestic automakers.”

    I would love to have a car designed by Apple.

    MDN Magic Word “seen” – That would be something to be seen.

  4. maybe the airline
    industry can use all of the
    chips from powerpc that are now
    to build new and cheaper
    because that is all powerpc is now
    scrap metal

    i am really worried that this transition is going to doom
    our favorite company.

    no word yet on how
    it is going. this is not

  5. If you divide your cable or satellite bill per month by the amount of shows you watch per month…you would be amazed at the average cost per show…(unless you’re a tv addict) If in the future this is expanded to encompass all tv…cable, satellite, and free, I’d be all about picking and choosing which shows to download and saving the massive digital cable/satellite bill…

    Andrew Hamilton
    Las Vegas Videographers
    Hamilton International Productions

  6. The trasition will help save Apple. Because yes it still needs saving.

    The Steve and the board knows what it is doing.

    Lisa if you have some way of cramming a G5 into a Powerbook please let us all in on it.

  7. “i am really worried that this transition is going to doom
    our favorite company.”

    Maybe I’ve been brainwashed to think that all is well but how would this doom the company?

    Aren’t PPCs still selling? Won’t sales surge even higher when the Intel line comes out? Won’t Apple continue to churn out quality products? Where do you see potential trouble?

    MW: see . I don’t “see” that our favorite company is doomed

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