Pro photographers see Apple’s Aperture as complement to Adobe Photoshop

“Along with unveiling new Power Mac and PowerBook hardware at an invitation-only news event Wednesday, Apple Computer Inc. announced an entirely new application, called Aperture, aimed at professional photographers. Though many Mac enthusiasts have long anticipated that the company would one day field a competitor to Adobe Systems Inc.’s iconic Photoshop, professional photographers and Adobe itself see Aperture more as a complement to the image editing juggernaut, not as a competitor,” Daniel Drew Turner writes for Publish.

“‘It looks astounding,’ said Andrew Rodney, the author of ‘Color Management for Photographers,’ who said he was looking forward to hands-on time with Aperture,” Turner reports. “‘Aperture may take some work away from Photoshop, but it won’t replace it,’ he said. Aperture will not be a pixel editor, said Rodney, comparing it more to Phase One’s Capture One file management software. ‘I could see doing as much work in Aperture as I could and then going to Photoshop for pixel editing.’

Turner reports, “Aperture will be able to make global image edits and print files without having to open them—something Photoshop can’t do, Rodney said. ‘It seems silly to open up a 150MB file just to print it.’ Time is a critical resource for professional photographers, Rodney said, noting the slowness of Adobe’s Camera Raw import. ‘If Aperture is as fast as it appears, it’s worth many times its price,’ he said.”

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  1. Aperture is a very, very long way from replacing Photoshop. Aperture does indeed look absolutely killer, but anyone who thinks that it can replace photoshop in a pro photographers workflow is simply misinformed.

    Photoshop is such a massively deep program. Understand as well that while in the general consumer market Apple has a 5-15% market share, in the pro photographer market they have 40-50% market share. That’s a big deal and because of aperture I would wager that that number will increase. Its about time we saw a killer pro app like this. I for one am very excited because there’s nothing on windows that comes close. If you put 3-5 windows programs together you can approximate what aperture does, but what a hassle to do that!

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