Ars Technica reviews Apple’s new video-capable iPod

“The introduction of this video iPod resulted in a few changes in Apple’s offerings as well. Out is the iPod photo and the U2 iPod (which was really just a black and red iPod photo). Apple has effectively reigned in their product lineup right before Christmas, possibly hoping to entice customers with a simple, easy to understand selection with clearly defined price point and feature delineation,” Clint Ecker writes for Ars Technica. “Now we’re looking at the low-end Shuffle for true minimalists, the iPod nano for low storage but some of the premium features (photos, color LCD) and the iPod (large storage space, photos, videos).”

From the box in which it ships, “iPod no longer comes in the traditional ‘cube’ packaging, instead coming in a box similar to that of the nano” right on through to the iPod dissection, this is a typically in-detpth Ars review.

Ecker concludes, “Based on everything I’ve experienced with this new iPod over the past day I’ve have to give the device a solid 8 of 10.”

• Amazing form factor (thinner, lighter)
• Plays videos wonderfully
• New features (screen lock, world clock, timer)
• New bezel material
• Bigger LCD
• Can record 44.1kHz encoded stereo audio.

• Lack of traditionally included accessories (dock,remote,wall charger,AV cables)
• Low video output resolution for the videophiles
• Is incompatible with some older accessories
• No Firewire support
• Included case has no belt clip, looks like a bad summer camp project.

The full review is highly recommended with photos and detailed info here.

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  1. i got the impression that this reviewer is talking about the wireless remote that can be purchased for this ipod. no ipod has ever come with that.

    third generation ipod was a long time ago, and they only shipped with dock and case if you bought the fanciest version. None of the fourth generation ipods included a dock to my knowledge.

    correct me if i am wrong, but I don’t believe any ipod has ever shipped with an av cable. it has always been an optional accessory.

  2. I’ve got a friend who got his iPod with a remote. It’s either the 2nd or 3rd gen, I’m not sure, but anyways it is what made me get the remote, when I bought my 4th gen iPod, which didn’t come with the remote.

    So supertim, check your facts before telling people that they’re idiots. The review btw is superb.

  3. supertim is superstupid…. my ipod came with a remote, wall unit charger, fire wire a rechargable dock, a coupon for U2’s collection, a green peace sticker, a “Microsoft Vacuums Don’t Suck” refrigerator magnet, a coupon for $2 off a Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast, Madonna’s “Kabbalah and You” handbook, a pair of Lugz boots signed by Eminem and a pack of Eminem flavored M & M’s (no nuts).

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