250,000 ROKR E1 iTunes phones shipped to wireless carriers since September 7th debut

“Motorola announced big third-quarter profits this week, fueled by sales of its hit Razr cell phone. The surprise in the numbers was that 250,000 ROKR E1 cell phones, developed jointly by Motorola and Apple, have shipped to wireless carriers. Analysts at Piper Jaffray and a host of blogs and gadget sites had criticized the ROKR as the partnership’s orphan child and predicted poor sales,” Bruce Nussbaum reports for BusinessWeek.

Motorola’s ROKR Ei iTunes mobile phone was introduced jointly by Motorola, Cingular, and Apple on September 7, 2005.

Three design pros discuss the new Motorola/Apple/Cingular music phone and cite its cluttered interface, too few tunes, and not enough Apple in Nussbaum’s full article here.

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  1. Shipped doesn’t = sold

    Since the supply chain begain with zero, filling it by shipping a quarter million units doesn’t mean mutch. After the busy Christmas quarter, it will be interesting to see how many units were shipped and if the supply chain is overstocked or wiped out due to demand. (I am guessing over stocked!)

    If Motorola was thinking for two seconds, they would have introduced teh ROKR as a RAZR – the very same features in _that_ form factor would have been huge. Instead they got greedy and thought the iTunes brand could catapult a blah candy-bar style like the ROKR.

    MDN word: front

  2. typical Machead hypocrisy. Only when its the competition do you guys parse grammar. Any idiot who would buy a cellphone anyway, instead of one of the many freebies, or an ipod at all, so that his paltry universe can become even more self centered as he pays 99 cents for what can be easily had for free p2p, would buy one of these.

    Shipped= ordered in this case. Shipped= forced down the throat of the warehousemen and Apple stores in the case of Macs, until they are given away, ala the recent mini “whats in the box” episode.

  3. Folks, the point is that this is how Motorola reported the numbers. As a public company, it is required to deliver its numbers in a relatively transparent way. The phones were accurately reported as shipped, which allows the number to be reported that way. There is nothing wrong with pointing out that we should watch and wait to measure true success, but nobody is being slimy or fudging numbers. This is a legitimate financial report.

    MW: somewhat, as in somewhat tired of the dull wit displayed in much of the acerbic comments

  4. “me”, I suspect it was Apple who only let iTunes be installed on the ROKR cos they didn’t want it to upstage the nano.

    The unknown quantity is how many people bought ROKRs because of iTunes, and how many people would have just bought one anyway. Just like we don’t know how much market share music phones have, because we don’t know how many of them actually get used for music.

  5. think how many people had their phone contracts expire on september 7th. or the period between then and now. probably not a lot of pe ople. users arent going to go out and buy a brand new phone when they will be penalized for doing so.

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