NY Times’ Pogue: Apple’s iMac G5 with sleek, virus-free, spyware-free OS earns place in living room

“When Apple first unveiled its one-piece, shiny white iMac G5 computer, its resemblance to the one-piece, shiny white iPod was unmistakable. The updated iMac G5, introduced last week in 17- and 20-inch screen sizes ($1,300 and $1,700), takes that resemblance a step further: it now comes with a shiny white remote control, with buttons in an iPod-esque circular layout,” David Pogue writes for The New York Times.

“The Menu button summons a large, three-dimensional ‘menu’ that lets you start playback of your music, video or photo collections – or control the playback of a commercial DVD – from across the room, without a keyboard or mouse. The iMac has always been beautiful enough to sit in public areas of your home; this new entertainment-centerish, large-screen mode earns it a spot opposite your couch,” Pogue writes.

“The iMac’s sleek, virus-free, spyware-free operating system helps all of this work smoothly and quickly. And although there’s room for growth in the TV department, the new iMac is yet another indication that Apple Computer is rapidly transforming itself into Apple Entertainment,” Pogue writes.

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  1. only problem with the imac is screen size…

    20″ just doesn’t cut it these days for a TV…now if you could get front row and the remote for a mac mini with a lcd tv…or a powermac, or whatever, that’d be nice.

  2. Not only is the iMac Screen too small to watch it across the living room, it gives no advantage in terms of integration with existing Home Entertainment systems … ala hooking into my Surround Sound Amp and TV.

    I think the best solution for this would be the Mac mini. If this was updated with the predicted Yonah Chip in Jan, included Front Row, and provided Digital Audio out, the integration solutions just increased tenfold. Imagine using your Mac Mini as a DVD player replacement, the home of all your Digital Music (with iTunes Visualisations for your screen), Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse, etc.

    I’m getting excited just thinking about it …

    MDN Word Special … as in this would be so “special’ if it came into the market.

  3. 20″ too small? Maybe…

    …keen to bring up my kids without too much TV influence, the biggest one in our home is a 14′ Sony combi.

    In my office, family say they say “oooh isn’t the iMac biiig!”

    Would like surround though.

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cool smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. …or get a smaller tv room

    Now that is thinking different. Of course if you hold the iPod a foot away from your face it is the equivalent of a 30in screen. Now there’s an idea make your tv room portable, until you walk into a bus anyway.

  5. Bill, you really need to wank off that denial attitude of yours. It keeps you out of touch… you know, right as when you wondered why people needed internet at all or computers a bigger memory. Those kind of issues you simply do not get…

    What? You still are into floppy disks, right? That one is difficult for you to let go.

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