Enderle: ‘Some people got really excited by the new iPod, but a growing number of people did not’

“One week after it unveiled the new video iPod, Apple Computer rides into New York today to show the world its latest goodies, but some industry watchers are beginning to wonder how much is too much,” Sam Gustin writes for The NY Post in an article headlined, “iPod Maker’s Mini-Malaise.” “With each highly touted new product launch, the company is flirting with ‘Apple fatigue,’ said Rob Enderle, a leading technology analyst. The response to the video iPod shows that malaise may have already set in, he said. ‘Some people got really excited by the new iPod,’ Enderle said, ‘but a growing number of people did not.'”

Gustin also quotes Apple Insider’s Kasper Jade, “I believe they are pushing it. As long as [Apple chief] Steve Jobs can garner the media’s attention and rally them for the events, he will.”

Full article here.

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“Some people got really excited by the new iPod, but a growing number of people did not.”

Should we be daft enough to demand, oh, we don’t know, maybe something called “proof?” Nah, remember that this is Rob “Microsoft wrote the first Mac OS” Enderle. A growing number of people in Redmond certainly did not get excited by the new iPod. That would make sense, but then it wouldn’t be coming from Enderle. Enderle’s quote, as usual, is utterly meaningless. It’s typical Enderlunacy; disposable B.S., which this time happens to be published, appropriately enough, on NY Post fishwrap.

No doubt Enderle has “Apple fatigue,” as he’s the biggest Microsoft status-quo ass-kisser in the so-called-expert-quotes-for-sale racket and we all know he has absolutely nothing to crow about when it comes to the towelless Redmond Gang. Gustin, meanwhile, shall remain blameless, as we all know what the NY Post is about. Gustin had his angle and he found the quotes to fit that angle. We think they start with the headlines at the Post and then work from there to fill the rest in.

For the record, we agree with Jade, as quoted, 100%.

We’re filing Endlerle’s quote into the already-jampacked-with-Enderle-quotes folder labeled “B.S. with no supporting evidence.”

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  1. I am so happy that Enderle continues to get published. In a few years I hope to slow down and only work as a part time consultant and writer.

    And if Enderle can get published, image how easy it will be for me to make a living because I actually know something about technology.

  2. “but a growing number of people did not.'”

    Actually, the number of people that “did not” can’t grow. Oh, wait, in his fantasy world, they can have “did not”.

    I wasn’t all that excited about the addition of video capability to the iPod, but the model they have to selling video content, while limited in scope, is very exciting. It’s not just the hardware.

    It is true that not every product has to be a breathless spectacle, but I think the nano, the video devices and services, and the quad G5 and aperture all deserved some amount of individual attention.

  3. Psychological warfare, but not very sophisticated. Try to implant doubt so that potential buyers feel negatively labeled if they buy. Problem for M$/Enderle is that ultimately the iPod’s luster runs deeper than trendiness. They don’t understand that it’s popular because it’s damn good.

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