Solid Oak Software: Apple counting on porn to increase iPod video demand?

The following is an unedited press release distributed by Send2Press Newswire from Solid Oak Software, Inc.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — With the release of the new video capable iPod, pornography purveyors are already eyeing a lucrative new market. What may become known as PodPorn or PornCasts will be the next challenge to publishers of Internet content filtering software. Solid Oak Software, Inc., publishers of the popular CYBERsitter Internet filter has already begun research on the mechanics of filtering the coming onslaught of adult oriented video content for the iPod.

Brian Milburn, president of Solid Oak Software, and the original developer of CYBERsitter loves the iPod. He has four of his own, gives them as gifts to friends and family and is eagerly awaiting delivery of his new, shiny black, video capable iPod. Milburn also knows how pornography purveyors do business.

“Gone are the days when little Johnny would steal his dads’ Playboy and share it with the other kids behind the dumpster during recess. Now they will be showing full color, stereo, high definition porn clips,” says Milburn.

According to Milburn, the immense success of the Internet has largely been driven by pornography as were the BetaMax and VHS home video players years before. Making adult content easily available has been the genesis of many technologies. In fact, the early uses of GIF and JPG file formats were primarily by publishers of adult content that posted their efforts on early bulletin board systems and services such as CompuServe, Genie and Delphi. That in turn drove sales of VGA color monitors, hard drives, scanners, and modems.

Marketing executives for hardware manufacturers all know that pornography has been, and still is responsible for a substantial portion of their revenues. “I wouldn’t expect that Apple is any different,” says Milburn. “I would be surprised if they are not counting on adult content to contribute to the demand for their product to some degree.”

Illegal music downloading is what created the demand for products like the iPod. Consumers wanted a way to take their music with them, and companies like Apple responded in a big way. While it will never make the headlines like illegal music downloading has, PodPorn will be a new hot market. “You have to ask yourself whether little Johnny would rather download the latest episode of ‘Desperate Housewives,’ or a steamy adult video,” says Milburn.

After 15 years in computer security and Internet content management, he is pretty sure he knows the answer and vows CYBERsitter will be ahead of the curve. He expects that peer to peer file sharing services, popular with teenagers, will soon adapt to meet the demand for PodPorn.

“The handwriting is on the wall,” says Milburn, “Come Christmas morning when hundreds of thousands of ‘Little Johnnys’ find a new video iPod under the tree, they will already know where to get the porn to put on it.”

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Source: Send2Press Newswire.

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Solid Oak Software’s CYBERsitter will works only with Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP. Accordingly, it’s hardly a huge surprise that Brian Milburn, president of Solid Oak Software, feels comfortable enough to state via press release, “I wouldn’t expect that Apple is any different. I would be surprised if they are not counting on adult content to contribute to the demand for their product to some degree.”

Well, what do you think of that? What does Apple think of that statement?

Now, there’s no question that if a device can display stills or play video and/or audio that porn will find a way onto devices that are purchased in large numbers. It would be great if there was a solid way to protect minors from adult content. But, how desperate for business do you have to be to issue a press release like this? And to insinuate that Apple is counting on porn to help iPod demand? As if iPod demand needs any additional help, but that’s beside the point.

So, thanks so much for the sleazy press release Solid Oak. Solid Oak. Hey, that’s funny! Anyway, we’re so glad to know that you’re working on research and have absolutely nothing else to offer today except a handful of scare tactics and innuendo. Let us know when you can get your crapware working on a real platform and if you ever hire anyone who possesses even a modicum of class, so we can happily continue ignore you and your products forever.

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  1. ANY device that can play back multimedia can play back adult content, whether it be PocketPC, Palm, PSP or iPod Video. the only thing stopping me from putting a naughty movie on an SD card and playing it back on my handheld is my choice not to.

    this is pure FUD. if you block adult content at the computer level, how would a kid get the stuff on his/her iPod anyway?

    MDN: “police,” as in, “Thank you yet again, Thought Police, for clearing more roadblocks to a sterile, prudish, hyper-conservative future.”

    i’ll conclude this with a comment overheard by a friend the other day: “If God didn’t want us to touch ourselves, he or she would have made our arms shorter.”

  2. > Anyone who views porn is scum, plain and simple.

    Oy. And you probably think Ashcroft was justified in covering up “Lady Liberty’s” exposed breast because it was obscene… right? I’m a politically conserved individual… and comments such as yours… disgust me.

    > Bragging about it just makes it that much sadder.

    The only thing sad (and pathetic) is the socially backwards, sexually repressed mindset you’ve adopted for yourself.

    > Porn watchers better pray there isn’t a God.

    Let’s examine that statement… “pray” there isn’t a “God.” If there isn’t a God, who would these “porn watchers” be praying to? You twit.

    And what does God and religion have to do with this? Its only the extremist, puritanical mindset that finds sex and sexual matters “dirty” and/or sinful.

    > It’s sad that the iPod will be party to the sick perversion.

    And iPod Nano wrapped in a condom and lubed up… that would be a perversion. An iPod with the latest AVN winners on it… is cool… and entertaining.

    > If Apple even hints this is a market they want, I’m going back to windows.

    Because, of course, Windows is such a lily white and pure environment, right?

    > That’s how disgusted I’ll be.

    Sounds like you need to get laid.

  3. There is absolutely nothing that points to Apple promoting pornography in any way.

    There is no way to manufacture/sell anything without the possiblity of it being misused, even if the seller is not complicit.

    logging trees > Playboy
    binoculars > Voyeurism

    But, if they start packaging promotional packages of vaseline with the iPod then it’s time to start complaining. Otherwise, you might as well get rid of television and photos and telephones. And none of that will change the problem of pornography.

    BTW, Isn’t it illegal in some states already to show pornography in your car video screens where others may see it?

  4. iCrystal

    Yeah, go back to Windows, because Im sure that NO ONE on Windows watches porn and I’m sure that Microsoft doesn’t love it that the porn industry is switching their content to WMV in droves.

    The problem with people like you is that you feel all too comfortable making broad sweeping judegements of this group or that group.

  5. I’ve already got my porn videos loaded up in iTunes 6.

    And who cares if there is a God or not? If iCrystal’s God would judge me negatively for watching porn then he isn’t someone I want to spend an eternity with anyway. The Christian vision of heaven is my idea of hell.

  6. Hey “Not a fanatic”:

    The funny thing is you think everyone reading this is NOT a conservative and doesn’t believe in God.

    Here is one problem: The more available porn is, the more likely kids see it. What age would you like your kids (if you have any) to begin viewing others having sex?

    If you have a daughter, do you want her hanging out with guys her age saturated with porn for their idea of what sex should be and how available it should be?

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