Apple special event to unveil ‘latest pro innovations’ happens tomorrow

A reminder, Apple has invited the media to a special event, the third to be held in about a month’s time, to be held in New York City tomorrow.

In the email invitation, Apple requests that invited members of the media join them as “we unveil Apple’s latest pro innovations.”

Apple Insider has more info here.

“MacNN sources have confirmed that the event will be used to introduce the last PowerPC-based PowerBook G4 lineup with new high resolution displays and other improvements. Other reports also suggest the event will bring a photography-related announcement as well as updated Power Mac G5 systems using IBM’s dual-core PowerPC chips, although the (unconfirmed) details are scarce,” MacNN reports.

Full article here.

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  1. The Powerbooks and G5 Powermacs are getting a really getting long in the tooth. Two years ago I bought a 17 in Powerbook with the CPU at 1.33 GHz. Since then the PB has been updated to 1.7 GHz and only the drive, ram and bluetooth have changed. The Powermacs have also seen minor improvements with the CPU speed but not much else.

    The higher resolution screen in the PB will be a help. It will be interesting what Apple do in the imaging space.

  2. So where are all the rumors? Is the rumor grapevine all dried up? What if the announcement isn’t about hardware at all, but about software. Some pro software that nobody has heard of? Apple AI (iAI?), Apple CAD (iCAD/CAM)…

    Where are the rumors? Where’s my magic word? Oh now it shows it’self.

    MW:”love” yuck!

  3. Anon – the dual core processors here are IBM’s innovation, not Apple’s. I’m sure they would gladly have offered them long ago had IBM actually provided them. The dual core chips that EVERY MAJOR PC MAKER IN THE WORLD are using are from Intel and AMD. They are not the result of the PC makers’ innovation. Perhaps this is the main reason Apple is switching to Intel.

  4. Anon – surely you jest. Apple put dual processors on our desktops years ago. Dual processor puts both cores on one die, but Apple has hardly been laggard in multiprocessor computing. Besides, dual core PPCs were released slightly later than offerings by AMD and Intel. The difference is that Apple’s initial dual core computers are destined for desktops, not just servers. I doubt that consumers will purchase many dual-Xeon computers in the next few months. Upcoming Intel & AMD releases, of course, will expand to the general desktop and laptop market and that coincides with Apple’s plans to go Intel.

  5. Well, the cool rumor would be an early release of the Intel-based powerbook or powermac. I know, I know we won’t see it, but I did read an article a couple weeks back that said Intel was ahead of schedule with their dual-core chips, and maybe they could sneak it into one of the machines now. Thought that might be what was gonna happen at the last event – totally wrong. Anyway – fun to speculate!

  6. I predict that Apple will release octo-core PowerMac G6’s that no longer require the use of a keyboard or mouse; they’ll be controlled telepathically.

    Remember, Terminator 2’s “Skynet” foreshadowed Apple.

    “Holy Vingle, Batman!”

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