Interview with ‘Just Say No to Microsoft’ author Tony Bove now online

XYZ Computing’s Sal Cangeloso has conducted an interview with Tony Bove, author of the upcoming book, ‘Just Say No to Microsoft.’ With this book Bove intends to help readers rid Microsoft from their life- this is easier said that done, but it is certainly possible. The book goes on to list alternatives to the Microsoft programs on which people have become dependent and probably think they cannot give up.

What was your goal in writing “Just Say No to Microsoft?” How realistic would you say this goal is?

My goal is to provide a road map for using alternatives, or the equivalent of a “12-step method” for getting off Microsoft software (as if it were an addiction). Of course, like any addiction or habit, people have to want to stop; this book helps them realize why they’d want to stop and what they can use instead.

It is obvious now that the Microsoft monopoly, which began sometime around 1983 and culminated with its dominance of most areas of computing by 1998, has created more problems for consumers than it has solved. The road map analogy came to me not long ago, as I fought the traffic on the Pennsylvania Turnpike crossing the state. It looks convenient on paper, if you’re coming from New Jersey and want to bypass Philly on your way across the state. Considering the traffic in Philly, it should be convenient. But once you get on the turnpike, you can’t get off unless you pay exorbitant tolls. The rest stops are overcrowded, and the service monopolies overcharge. The fast food is terrible, and the restrooms are disgusting. It’s a form of highway robbery — for most of the turnpike’s length, you are stuck with two lanes and surrounded by speeding trucks, and nearly half of it seems to be always under construction…

The rest of the answer and more in the full article here.

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You know a company’s doing just great when books like this are being written and published. Hey, Microsofties: “towels.”

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  1. I was forced to buy a DULL pc for my girlfriends work at home. Her company would not allow Virtual PC to be used. My iBook G3 I swear, works better than this brand ne pc. The pc already locked up on me and would not recognise her iPod. i could not beleive this for a brand new computer. She now realise everything I was telling her about microsoft..

  2. It’s like buying a car. Are you going to admit to your friends that it’s a lousy car? No, you’re going to say what a great deal you made, and that you outwitted the salesman.

    For you PC people -the sales it.

  3. In the UK this evening we had a “gadget show” on TV (rubbish actually). In this program it includes an item about retrieving files accidentally deleted and also deleting files securely.

    So, if you are a Windows lemming, what do you have to do? Their recommendation is some silly Destroy It Pro crud that retails for £40 ie $70!

    What kind of farce is the world living in I have to ask?

    (For Win users we have secure deletion built into the OS).

  4. Excellent Quote regarding viruses:

    “Is it bad code? That’s not the point. Locking people into a monopoly is simply not healthy, in any industry. It’s time to introduce new genes to the gene pool. To maintain the health of the software industry, we need an influx of code that has nothing to do with Microsoft.”

    A very good read!

  5. Don’t go writing the Ad board quite yet; while there isn’t any one program that matches GB’s ease of use, there are solutions out there for those who have to suffer through Windows. The problem is, none of them come with a new computer, or are bundled in an integrated multimedia suite such as iLife. And they all sound more difficult to use. Here’s a guy who wrote about such products, and what he recommends:

  6. I swear that if Microsoft was NOT in it’s position, if not for all the thousands, no,.. millions of manyears spent keeping their crap running, we would all have flying cars, cancer would be history, no poverty, world peace… well, maybe not world peace. But seriously, how much more fantastic engineering and science could have beenn done with the wasted time on the Windows monopoly? It boggles the mind.

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