Export ‘iPod-ready’ video with free Mac OS X Automator action ‘Export for iPod v1.0’

The Export for iPod v1.0 action uses the QuickTime Player application to export an “iPod-ready” version of the movie files passed from the previous action. The name of an exported file is based on the name of its source file. This action requires QuickTime Pro 7.0.3 or higher and accepts “.mov” and “.dv” files as source. Options exist for exporting the files to the same directory as the source files and for replacing any existing files with the same name. Additionally, source files can be deleted after export.

More info and download link here.

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  1. I agree with torn80’s first statement. This is incredibly easy – open DV or MOV in QT Play Pro, export Movie to iPod. In fact, I’m doing that now. But still, I don’t mean to denigrate this article, even if it really is not what I would consider newsworthy.

  2. I think that link in the previous comment violates US law. Does not the DMCA make “fair-use” copy practices illegal? I thought that bypassing the copy protection is punishable, even though the Copyright act itself allows for backups.

  3. exported the fanpic starwars: revelations to ipod the other night, pretty easy. added it and the orig qt movie to itunes, drag and drop. compared a couple scenes, quality on the m4v pretty good, almost as crisp as the qt orig, there was also a 19 meg difference in file size.

  4. yeah – i was gonna say the same thing – wtf?

    Handbrake has a DeCSS routine in it so you have no need for the MTR step – although it could make it faster and if handbrake ever gets batch processing, then this step would be pretty cool.

    but yeah – this step is totally unnecessary for most DVDs. MTR has some very advanced DeCSS capabilites that may make it able to rip a DVD that Handbrake can’t – that’s about the only reason i’d even mention MTR next to handbrake.

  5. Yea, a QT Pro ripoff is nice but when can we capture H.264 Quicktime streams (such as the product announcements and so on)… that would be nice. VLC and mplayerx don’t do it, neither do many of the suggestions I’ve read around the place (some of which require QT pro.)

    mw:later. I sure hope it’s not too long.

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