Apple iPod models dominate Amazon’s MP3 Player Top Sellers list

Amazon’s MP3 Player Top Seller List (updated hourly) currently shows:

1. Apple 4 GB iPod Nano Black – $249.99
2. Apple 4 GB iPod Nano White – $249.99
3. Apple 20 GB iPod Photo – $249.99
4. Apple 20 GB iPod – $209.99
5. Apple 2 GB iPod Nano Black – $194.99
6. Apple 2 GB iPod Nano White – $194.99
7. Apple 60 GB iPod Photo – $349.99
8. Apple 512 MB iPod Shuffle – $94.99
9. SanDisk 256 MB MP3 Player Red – $39.88 (41% discount)
10. Apple 1 GB iPod Shuffle – $124.99

Amazon’s MP3 Player Top Seller List here.

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  1. Not trying to sound overly dramatic, but Bill Gates does have a lot to worry about these days. That sequel to “Pirates” is playing itself out as we speak and no matter how crazy people think I am when I say this, I honestly believe Apple will own the operating system market in less than five years. Remember, five years ago, Apple was really up against the wall and survived mainly due to its core audience of Macheads. Well, 5 years later they just pulled off $14 Billion in revenue for the year and I’d bet that next year they’ll easily clear $20 Billion. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that with Apple thoroughly dominating the music scene and now probably the video scene as well, that they will clear $35 in 2007. With that kind of money, worldwide presence and amazing integration in all their products, Microsoft can’t possibly hold on more than 3 or 4 years.

  2. If things keep moving the way they are Apple will become much more than a just “computer company”. What we are seeing is shift away from the computer as a seperate free standing entity. Look at a comparable senario from 100 years ago, a household would have one electric motor that was attached to various other devices, until they became cheap and ubitquitous enough to essentially disappear. We don’t give them a second thought unless they stop working. It’s not a big step for the iMac to “disappear” into a LCD TV, in fact all that is needed is a TV tuner and maybe a larger screen!

  3. I dunno, “Nuke”. Anyone who thinks Windows is going to lose its dominant market position doesn’t understand just how stubborn and immobile the business world is. Hell, businesses are reluctant to move to new versions of Microsoft products (my employer only migrated to XP last December)! Moving en masse to a new OS is very unlikely.

    Instead, what I think will slowly come to pass will be that the home market will move more and more to the Mac, as the idea that “I gotta run the same thing at home as at work” slowly slips away. Eventually, the Mac will enjoy a sizable home market share (30%? 40%? More?) as Windows begins to be perceived as the crusty old dinosaur that’s only used in offices. Windows will still dominate over all, but Macs will be the darlings of consumers.

    (Of course, the gamer and h4XX0r market will still love their garage-built PCs, but their moms and dads will have a Mac.)

  4. I agree with what you’re saying “LordRobin”. The only thing is, I don’t think Steve is going to stop until Bill has been put to bed. I remember about a decade or so ago when everyone in the corporate world was using EDS. Same goes for Nike. To suggest that these players may someday take a fall was laughable – but here we are in 2005 with Microsoft and Adidas ruling the earth.

    But I’d still be pretty darn happy just to see Apple own the consumer market.

  5. nuclear kid

    Estimated number of PCs sold worldwide in 5 years: 300 million +.

    Apple would have to more than double their sales EACH YEAR to even get half way there. Let’s keep a bit of perspective here.

  6. MS & Apple aren’t even competiting in the same markets anymore. It’s like monitors versus plasma/LCD – both seem like “TV’s” but one is a commodity product sold mainly to the corporate market based on its lowest price while the plasma/LCD market is based on other factors. Just as Apple is creating consumer products that can be used in some businesses, MS, while still making plenty of money in the business end is essentially hoping you’ll buy a cubicle to take home with you. Just as with MSN & the XBox, they’ll wrap their business products in a “consumer-intended” shell but it will be a me-too product. Basically, MS is brilliant (if not illegal for a long while) at selling to tech companies and gov’t agencies who base their buying decisions how how closely the proposal matches their requirements but also the proposal itself (between 24 and 26 pages, 22-lb white paper, pages numbered 1.3 inches from edge …) but MS is nearly totally clueless at selling to consumers (after 10 years of battling of AOL, they trail AOL 90% market share) and while WMA & WMA portable players have been around for 5 years (remember last year’s avowed marketing & technonology support of Creative/Rio to “sweep” away the ipod?) has about 4% of the US market share. Since MS was running third in the home gaming console box, they decided to try and be first in the next generation – which worked really well for Sega’s DReamcast and Atari’s Jaguar. MS is like a jock-bully who doesn’t realize he’s now an overweight 57-years old with two bad knees and a wheezing cough. He talks big but everyone is paying attention only because it sounds so ridicules … MS is essentially the body of Steve Ballmer.

  7. Apple has learnt a lot from the continous MicroFos copying. Nowadays and in the future Apple will make uncopyable well-designed products. Microsoft hadn’t and nowadays hasn’t enough corporate, social and emotical culture to catch Apple design. So if Apple will continously deliver trendsetter products (Microsoft cant), Apple will be on edge.

  8. Ahem, ‘jbelkin’…

    Not so much of the “overweight 57-years old with two bad knees and a wheezing cough” please!

    …Speaking as a “target-weight 59-years old with two good knees and no cough”.

    No worries, didn’t take it seriously. Like the new iPod video and the iMac … grrr, just bought a current one. Maybe I’ll sell some AAPL to fund a new one.

  9. Some hyperbole and very high expectations in some of these comments. I’d love to see Apple continue but …. this is a very fickle business, the consumer business I mean. Also, when you own the market the only way to go is down, that’s what we hope happens to softie.
    One thing that is happening (that suggests legs for the iPod) is the very large ecosystem, all the ipod accessories. When you have that many people pulling for your success – it creates a market momentum that is tough to beat.
    There are so many iPod accessories that I have created a directory of every iPod accessory you can find. See it at
    I call it Pod Mania – the iPod authority, that may be a little hyperbole too ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> since we are just getting started but I also have a print version onsale at the bookstores too.

    I am looking for iPod reviewers too – anybody interested contact me at web site.

    Best to all,
    Jim Capparell
    Pod Mania – the iPod Authority

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