Using QuickTime Pro to create videos for playback in new Apple iPods

Using these instructions, you can also create videos for use in Apple’s new iPods with video playback capability. You can also use these instructions to create video podcasts for posting in Apple’s iTunes Podcast Directory for millions to view and download to their iPods.

1. Make sure you have updated your QuickTime software to version 7.0.3 or later. Mac OS X users use Software Update.

2. In order to record your video, you need to connect a FireWire camera or a source such as the output of your cable box, etc. to your Mac (for sources without FireWire outputs, use a DV converter, for example Formac’s StudioDV or any number of similar devices – basically, the RCA or S-Video outputs from your media device plug into the DV convertor, the content gets converted in real time, and a FireWire cable connects to your Mac). The iSight and most DV cameras will work directly via FireWire. Once your camera or other source is connected, make sure iChat AV and AOL Instant Messenger are not running.

3. Open QuickTime 7 Pro. If you don’t have it, get QuickTime 7 Pro today.

4. Choose “Preferences” from the QuickTime Player menu, then click on the Recording icon at the top of the window. First, select the video device and microphone you will use to record your video podcast. Next, for the best video quality of your final video podcast, set the Quality to “Device Native” and choose the location where you would like your podcast to be saved.

5. Choose “New Movie Recording” from the File menu.

6. Click the red Capture button and begin recording. Click the black Stop button when you’re done recording.

7. To convert your podcast recording to a format that iPod understands, choose “Export…” from the File menu. Choose “Movie to iPod (320×240)” from the export drop down list and click the Save button. The Export progress bar shows you how much of the export process is completed. The longer your recording, the longer the export will take. Once the export is complete, QuickTime Pro will place on your Desktop a new version of your podcast recording that will play on the iPod.

Add your finished movie to your iTunes Library for transfer to your video-capable iPod. Apple provides additional instructions for publishing your finished video as a podcast, if that’s what your content is intended to be, here.

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  1. Just think how fun it would be to be able to create little video messages, grocery list (dont forget the toilet paper!) I love you daddy have a good trip, type video snippets with a isight, then save them with QT and pop them on dads ipod! I think the real potential of this new class of equipment is huge.

  2. I am working on a workflow myself. The problem is Automator doesn’t have Export options avalible for Quicktime, so in order to make a workflow someone has to make additional Automator plug-ins for Quicktime.

    I am trying to create a work around, but if anyone knows how to create plug-ins for Automator, could you point us to some resources so we can figure it out, or make the Quicktime additional plug-ins needed?

    MW: Months (you know the rest)

  3. BTW, if you already have a video that QT7 can open – maybe something that you’ve recorded using EyeTV or, dare I say it, downloaded from some nefarious source, – there is a preset Export option in QT Player 7.0.3 called (imaginatively) [B]Movie To iPod[/B].

  4. I agree- Automatior for a QT movie message would be great.
    If anyone knows about them — point us in the right direction, thanks.

    Additionally, there is a whole untapped potential waiting to be created or discovered!
    Think of hte creative possibilities, Journaling, Diaries, Training Videos Cooking shows, How-To videos and more — available for Teachers and students.

    Heck — students will be making them for students too!

    (Those poor Henrico people — they must be almost as sad as the people and sobs heard in Redmond, these days!)

    – DG

  5. What I really have been anticipating the new iPod with Video capability for is that of DVD Video playback to a larger screen… notably, the portable DVD Screen that goes into my car for long trips with the kids.

    As far as I can tell, iTunes 6 does not have a function for directly importing a DVD (like Finding Nemo) from the original DVD into the Videos Library.

    After a little experimentation I have found the following process to work just fine:
    1. Rip the DVD to my hard drive. I used Mac the Ripper for that.
    2. Launch DVDxDV application and export the ripped DVD (Video_TS folder) as a DV/DVCPro – NTSC file (best quality and 16:9 aspect ratio since I have the widescreen movie)
    3. Open the resulting file with QT7 pro.
    4. Save as… a self contained movie (this takes a while)
    5. Open iTunes 6, select the Videos “playlist” and Add to Library…

    iTunes imports the movie and plays it back beautifully.
    Since I don’t have a new iPod with Video function yet, I can only guess that iTunes 6 will output the new movie onto the iPod in the right format for playback on it.

    It will be a while before I can afford the new iPod… maybe Christmas… so if someone else gets one that can try the final step out and report, that would be great.


    What will become of M$ now? … oh wait. I don’t really care do I?

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