NBC TV shows up next for Apple’s iTunes?

NBC Universal are “in talks with a number of players, including Apple, about making their content available for downloading,” The Wall Street Journal reports.

“The Journal reports that the NBC are discussing security (DRM) and pricing concerns.

“‘NBC Universal Digital Media is having conversations with many top players,’ Deborah Reif, president of NBC Universal Digital Media, said in a statement,” The Journal reports.

Full article here.

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  1. OK so the missing link (literally) is how you connect you mac to your TV.
    Who wants to set their computer next to their tv?…. who can find 30′ patch cables?

    Where is the Airport with video? WHere where where? I’ve got my cash ready to plunk down for it. Let’s go.

  2. Are there good ways to use an iMac _as_ a TV? I have no TV and was going to buy an “inexpensive” LCD HDTV, but if there is an inexpensive TV tuner and cable adapter I could use with the new iMac, I might was well just buy the 20″ and stick it in my living room. Anyone know if this can be done elegantly?

  3. We need a multimedia device (i.e. Mac mini) which connects directly to your tv and stereo as well as your home network (via gigabit ethernet or a fast wireless) with the Front Row software running on it. The media (photos, music, video) could be stored on it or it could be accessible through the network. That way, the multimedia device doesn’t have to be the box that does the editing. Leave that for my Power Mac.

    Then Apple needs an affordable Xserve RAID for the home for storing our multimedia. Then I won’t have to worry about my 3 year old breaking DVD’s anymore.

  4. Must admit i thought the media server was going to be the mini rather than the iMac. But thinking about it this makes sense.

    Apple for various reasons wants to push the concept of original content here, not just replay and storage and encourage people to buy iMacs to do that and more importantly to buy iMacs to simply give Apple a higher initial return for their development costs. The specs give it more leeway too.

    Would expect that unless this is being used as a trial for a while power macs and powerbooks would get this capability pretty soon- next week maybe. I still think that the mini is being groomed a the actual media server in waiting but maybe this will wait til basic specs of all macs move along a little and the whole media platform is more mature with the mini fitting in as the lower end device while not detracting from the superior (supposed or real) capabilities of the higher end computers in this whole media concept. From a marketing and infrastructure point of view this makes sense and won’t push demand and band width beyond acceptable limits as this builds momentum. Programming likewise can be brought in as and when demand dictates.

  5. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see NBC do something with MS instead. They’re so closely tied to MS these days, it’s disgusting. Did anyone see the CNBC Closing Bell yesterday where they talked about the Apple News? They talked for a good ten minutes about the new iPod, and TV shows on iTMS, they had a panel “experts” to talk about it (they all agreed that it would fail because people won’t want to watch TV on a tiny screen – no mention that it could be hooked to a TV). Then they had the gall to ask a poll question that was something to the effect of “Is Apple pinning too much of their future on the iPod?” I couldn’t believe it! They didn’t mention a single word about the new iMac, or Front Row, or the remote. I wrote them and said that the only ones pinning all of Apple’s future on the iPod is the media, not Apple. Apple is doing incredible things with the Mac line, they’re just not looking. I also suggested that perhaps their close ties to MS are clouding their vision when it comes to Apple.

  6. I work for a major cable company and have for the past 2 months been trying to get our shows in the video podcasting section of the iTunes store. I just presented the new announcements yesterday and today to some top VPs and the best I can get is that “we’re looking into it”. The wheels of top corporations move so slow sometimes. This does make my sell a lot easier to top execs but mainly they just can’t see the bottom line of their profit margins making any significant strides thru this avenue. Also, there are A LOT of legal issues regarding who ownes what and the ability to download and keep the digital files of a show.
    I’m telling you this not to be synical but to let you know that there are a lot of broadcast and cable networks looking into this and that eventually this will be huge!

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