Mossberg: Every mainstream consumer doing typical tasks should consider Apple Mac

“It’s time for my annual fall buyer’s guide to desktop computers, and this fall, I’m going to focus on what kind of PC Windows buyers should be considering if they want to run Microsoft’s next version of Windows, called Vista,” Walter S. Mossberg writes for The Wall Street Journal.

Before launching into the hardware for Vista, Mossberg mentions, “You also won’t have to worry about Vista if you buy one of Apple Computer’s Macintosh computers, which don’t run Windows. Every mainstream consumer doing typical tasks should consider the Mac. Its operating system, called Tiger, is better and much more secure than Windows XP, and already contains most of the key features promised for Vista.”

Full article here.

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  1. For this whole system he recommends you might as well buy a MAC. You will probably end up spending just as much if you buy a dell, then you have to get anti-virus and spam stuff. Macs might end up being the cheaper computers eventually.

  2. And here is a very telling point in Mossberg’s article:

    “Expect to spend $600 or more without a monitor, for a PC that can fully run Vista.”

    The assumption that current Macs are more expensive than PCs never takes into consideration that Tiger offers so much more than XP. It looks as if Vista will make the pricing of Macs even more favorable.

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