TV analyst’s uninformed prediction: ‘video iPod will be Steve Jobs’ folly’

“Phillip Swann, president of who’s also known as Swanni, says Apple’s chance of succeeding with the new video player are thin,” reports. “‘The video iPod will be Steve Jobs’ folly,’ Swann said. ‘Americans will not watch full-length videos — or perhaps even short music videos — on 2.5-inch screens on portable devices. It makes no sense. The music IPod is successful because it replicates something we’ve doing for more than two decades — listening to portable music players while on the go. It’s easy because we can continue to perform other tasks while we listen to our tunes.'” reports, “Swann added: ‘However, the video iPod will require you to stop what you’re doing and focus on a video. Who has the time to do that during the day? Plus, the video will be on a small screen that will make watching highly uncomfortable…The video iPod was born from arrogance. Apple has been so successful with the audio iPod that it thinks it can’t go wrong. But it will this time.'”

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What about those with hours to kill on planes, aboard trains, and riding as passengers in automobiles? One very important point “Swanni” missed is that the video isn’t limited to the iPod’s screen. You can take it with you on the red-eye from New York to LA and plug it into the hotel room’s TV set or pull it out of your pocket a friends house or [insert any of a thousand scenerios here] and watch the video on any size screen you wish. Why don’t people read the features and capabilities before they sit down and start banging away at their Gateway keyboards? “Swanni’s” crystal ball seems to have rolled away completely due to the force of the sea change Steve Jobs effected today. Or perhaps “Swanni” actually really can see the future and just doesn’t like what it portends for the “TV Prediction” business?

It’s plainly there on Apple’s iPod section of their website: “Use an optional S-video cable with iPod to play VJ on your TV… Oh, and you can do it all from across the room using the optional Universal Dock and handy new Apple remote.” Info:

A lot of people today seem to be missing the fact that the video purchased from Apple’s iTunes Music Store is not limited to iPod or Mac screens. Want to connect a new iMac G5 to another screen? Use Apple’s $19.99 VGA Display Adapter to connect the mini-VGA port on the iMac G5 to any VGA-equipped monitor or external projector for video-mirroring. The VGA cable plugs into the VGA video-out port built into your iMac G5. Or use Apple’s Apple Video Adapter to connect the mini-VGA video output port on your iMac G5 to any S-video or Composite enabled device (TV, VCR, or overhead projector’s S-Video or RCA (composite) cable).

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  1. Not to mention that the video enable iPod (not iPod video) still does everything the older generation did at the same price point. SO you’re basically getting bonus features. Where’s the down side?

  2. the first thing they should notice is that the ipod still is a music player. For the same price as the old 20GB ipod, you now get a video part, and 30 GB. Its just the bonus of buying the new ipod. It will sell just like any other ipod, but u get the extra features. Idiots like this guy talk about non issues. He doesn’t see this as being something added for value, that doesn’t cost the consumer anymore money.

  3. …in ADVANCE, ready to moan about Apple’s latest “failure.”

    But guess what? It’s NOT a “video iPod” it’s a music iPod!!!!

    Video’s just an extra!

    So how is that going to fail?

    It’s like saying the iPod calendar is going to fail. It’s great, but you don’t have to use it.

    Or maybe the failure is in giving us more GB in a thinner package, for the same price, with a bigger screen, in a choice of colors ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    Yeah, these’ll never sell…

  4. “b” you nailed it, it’s still an iPod that just happens to play video if you want, even if the video aspects fails, the new iPods are still the best audio player on earth, with a higher capacity than before for the same price, plus thinner, etc. There is no “folly” in the new iPods…

  5. Today’s iPod generation has a very short-attention-span (no offence!), and is used to chopped up slices of time, video, audio, etc. People aren’t spending 30 years at one job any more, but instead move to where the opportunities are. TV is just one giant generator of short clips, interrupted by commercials. Look at the audio scene– it’s fast-moving and energetic. That’s the generation the new iPod is targeting. And of course, it’s all just the first step of putting all the rights-management issues in place so the video features can take off. I’m way too smart to be way too quick to judge today’s product introductions. They’re like other Apple intro’s– seemingly too out-front, but eventually part of our basic culture.

  6. It probably will be a hit. Because I don’t get it. I thought the iPod was a silly over priced idea. But I got one, and love it and so did every one else. I think the video option will probably go the same way. It is an option that I don’t see the practical side of right now, but once it is in my hot little hands, I will wonder how I ever got by with a nasty little b&w screen that would not even show the album art!

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