Apple’s video play likely to unsettle movie, TV, advertising and retail markets for years to come

“The release of Apple Computer’s new iTunes store for videos Wednesday has provided a first mainstream look at a business model likely to unsettle the movie, television, advertising and retail markets for years to come,” John Borland reports for CNET News.

“It’s not much for now–episodes of five popular television shows from ABC and Disney’s cable network, a handful of animated short films and music videos, all for sale at $1.99 apiece,” Borland reports. “But the prospect of expanding the success of the iTunes music store into video has possibilities that are already resonating through the media business. ‘This is a first giant step,’ said Disney Chief Executive Officer Robert Iger, who appeared on stage with Jobs to tout the new offering. ‘It is the future, as far as we are concerned.'”

Borland reports, “…It’s clear that Apple has set its sights on becoming a major player in the home video business, just as it has become one in the digital music sector. ‘I think this is the start of something really big,’ Jobs said at Wednesday’s unveiling. ‘Sometimes that first step is the hardest one, and we’ve just taken it.'”

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  1. Disney, put BOSTON LEGAL online damn it. It’s a freaking great show, and you guys have totally screwed with it. Put the first and second season on there. Plus the last season of the Practice. Then we all can understand why James Spader and William Shatner keep winning awards for their efforts.

    You put that panzy show Grey’s Anatomy in Boston Legal’s slot. Stupid. And Boston legal won more awards than Grey’s. Get a clue ABC!

    Rant over. Great idea. If Apple could get SciFi onboard, life would be good.

  2. People buy Winboxes because they want a computer, the rest of us go to Apple to buy the hub of their digital lifestyle. It’s a completely different approach, a completely different philosophy. True, it’s a computer, but it is also so much more than that. Until you understand that you will be up M$ creek without a paddle

  3. I think Apple should have bit torrent added to the iTunes store for the purpose of video transfer. Then every Apple store should have an iTunes xServe configuration. This way, they could send high speed transfers of video relative to the location of the purchaser. videos at a resolution of 320 x 240 is fine if one’s main goal is to watch them on a low res television or iPod. If they are planning on watching them on their iMac, then the resolution should be significantly higher. Now that QuickTime supports making a 320 x 240 res file for the iPod, why not have the video at a decent resolution for the computers. If the xServe based iTunes servers were delegated as bit-torrent servers, it would speed the transfer of the video to the iTunes client.

  4. Hahaha, applereseller,the hub of the digital lifestyle has been around for around 7 or 8 years now. It was a windows machine with a {insert your least-favorite multimedia chip maker here} suite.

    I thot the mighty, second mouse click ‘innovation’ was funny… Well, this one tops it. LOLLLLL

  5. Whatever TIVO is, consider it busted. Yes we don’t have the ‘Store’ in Australia yet (and other parts of the world I guess) but when we and the rest do, then Apples cornered the world. TIVOs an American only thing isn’t it?

    MW = faith. You gotta have it.

  6. Right now I think you can connect to a Tivo, but they haven’t made Mac compatible software to get the shows off of it and on a Mac. You can with a PC.

    I think if Tivo made Mac compatible software, or could choose to record in a format that iTunes and the iPod can play this would be a big benefit to them. If they couldn’t do that then just make it easy to move tv shows it records to my Mac and/or iPod for portable viewing. Apple and Tivo are both excellent on creating intuitive easy solutions to new technology. I think this is the missing link.

    The iPod wasn’t initially successful because of the Music Store, it was because of the dark secret that a lot of people had a lot of content they got for ‘free’. Either from a P2P service or from CDs not always owned by them. Tivo could be a great source like this for ‘free’ video content, that could halp propel this…. as the pay per episode model takes off for older shows, etc.

  7. Hey Been there done that, it is not always about who did it first but instead it is a matter of who does it right. The iPod is a perfect example. I know zero people who use a PC as a digital media center although the majority of my friends/acquaintences use PC’s. They have never considered it and probably never would. If you’re going to troll, at least put forth a decent comparison.

  8. My favorite part of Steve’s keynote?

    When Steve Jobs compared the iMac’s small iPod-shuffle-like remote (6 buttons) with two other PCs using XP Media Center and their monster-sized remotes (over 40 confusing buttons each), I agree with him that “It says it all.”

    Apple does it again.

    Thank you, Steve!

  9. I love the download TV Shows concept but 3 problems I have. The resolution is a LOT smaller than I would call acceptable; its no even DVD quality. Number 2 problem is, no port to DVD feature.

    My music library is 80 GB (just music, and a SMALL handful of podcasts). If I start adding a television series to that mix (same folder as music, same hard drive) I will soon run out of space!!!

    Which brings me to my 3rd problem. Why are videos kept in the MUSIC folder in the first freakin’ place?? I already use an external hard drive for my music, and a seperate one for my photos in iPhoto (that’s 36 GB).. I if I bought 20 episodes of Lost at 200 mb an episode…then we can see that’s a crapload of hard drive space disappearing VERY quickly!!


  10. This business model will be huge. Think of all the content that might have an easy way to sell them? CBS’ 60 minutes features/interviews, live performances from awards shows, funny skits from SNL (won’t need much server space for these).

    I spend money each month on Dish Network with a DVR. Perhaps at some point people will just purchase the programs they want via the internet? The implications of this model won’t be fully realized until some time passes. Also, SJ has a plan. Jonathon Ive is working on the next great thing – a DVR server? An Apple-branded HDTV? Apple likes to control the entire experience so why not have televisions?

    A former employer has had a Windows Media Center at home for about 2 years now. It was very complicated to set up and network with other computers in the house. The remote was huge. Not a simple system to use at all. These have not sold well and Apple will be able to walk into this market and show others how it should be done. Talk about a compelling reason for a windows person to switch.

    Yes, video quality will need to improve and it will. They are testing the waters now. I’ve already bought four music videos and downloaded a few video podcasts.

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