Apple’s Front Row with Apple Remote and iMac G5: media center done right

Apple’s breakthrough Front Row media experience uses the bundled Apple Remote to let users enjoy the content they have on their iMac G5—including songs from their iTunes music library, slideshows of their photo albums in iPhoto, videos including Podcasts, iMovies and DVDs, and popular movie trailers streamed from—all from up to 30 feet away. And with iTunes 6, users can now purchase and download music videos, Pixar short films and hit TV shows such as “Desperate Housewives” and “Lost” from the iTunes Music Store and watch them on their iMac using Front Row. Front Row is easily controlled using the Apple Remote, which has only six buttons, compared to remote controls for Microsoft’s Media Center which typically have over 40 buttons.

The new Apple Remote makes it easy to navigate through all the digital goodies you’ve collected and created. Apple designers simplified the average remote from 60 buttons you’ll never use to just the six buttons you need. So you can navigate quickly through the Front Row interface, enjoying your digital media exactly as you wish. Pause. Skip. Crank up the volume. Whatever your pleasure, wherever you sit.

Want to connect to another screen? Use Apple’s $19.99 VGA Display Adapter to connect the mini-VGA port on the iMac G5 to any VGA-equipped monitor or external projector for video-mirroring. The VGA cable plugs into the VGA video-out port built into your iMac G5. Or use Apple’s Apple Video Adapter to connect the mini-VGA video output port on your iMac G5 to any S-video or Composite enabled device (TV, VCR, or overhead projector’s S-Video or RCA (composite) cable).

Learn more about how Front Row works with the new Apple Remote to put music, photos, videos and DVDs at your fingertips via an Apple QuickTime movie (QuickTime 7 required) here.

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  1. Now just put that on a Mac Mini and you have your home server that is connected to a TV and not a monitor … I cannot wait for that … Until then this is a great step forward and makes me think about getting an iMac

  2. What? Done right? How is that? It requires you to buy an iMac to put where in your living room? Right next to your HDTV which is more than 2X as large so that you can play your video content on a little screen next to your $3000 television?


    If I’m wrong and you can use Front Row with other Macs, name the Mac mini which would be the appropriate Mac for Front Row, then I’ll run out and buy the software and the remote…

    But seriously where am I going to put an iMac so that I can use my sofa to listen and watch?

    I buy an iMac to put in home theatre? I don’t think so.

  3. Media Center done right? It doesn’t even have the capability to be a PVR which is the main selling point of Windows Media Center. Instead you can pay $1.99 per episode of shows you already get on cable, yea right. Also, the main reason Windows Media Center remotes have so many extra buttons is because it doubles as a television.

  4. Now if only Apple would build a portable LCD projector with a built-in Mac so we could project our movies on a whopping big pull down screen.

    Of course, the missing link right now is TV INPUT, NOT Output. Surely the company could build this into its computers. Then, with the equivalent of a 35 mm projector screen built in to the combined device, who would bother buying a tee vee? Apple could put out models with or without monitors…the without model, for example, could be taken on trips for presentations in boardrooms. Only one bag to carry on the ‘plane not two.

    Note: No new technology required: just combine two existing devices in one and simplify controls. Watch HP to INVENT this before Apple, which sends any and all user suggestions to REJECTION HEAVEN. Last suggestion they got from me, three years ago, was to put a hard drive in a video camera. Now JVC has several models of its Everio, etc. Will they never innovate using existing technology?

  5. if it plays divx/xvid as well and there comes an updated airport that does A/V then this would be the perfect xmas gift from me to myself ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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