Apple ends eMac consumer availability, the ‘e’ is just for education again

Apple’s eMac is now only available through the Apple Store Education.

eMac: “e” is for eductaion. The eMac is Apple’s affordable and durable all-in-one computer designed specifically for education. eMac comes complete with a 17-inch display, a powerful PowerPC G4 processor, a SuperDrive option, and a space-saving design that fits easily on a school desk.

This marks the end of eMac’s consumer run. The eMac was originally introduced as education-only product, but Apple soon after made the eMac publicly available to the general public.

Apple is offering the “eMac 8-pack” for under $5000 to education customers.

More info about eMac here.

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  1. As an education customer it mighht be a good idea to upgrade my current eMac just before I graduate in the spring of 07.

    Otherwise try and stretch for the new thinner iMac G5.

    My 2 cents worth.

    MW: ‘when’ as in when will Mafiasoft call it a day and finally admit to their mistakes with Windows, maybe never as this would be the same for the Sicilians to admit to all their murders and corruption rackets.

  2. Consumers yelled when it was education only, but didn’t buy in huge quantities when they had the chance. I’ve read a lot of posts from people that bought them and loved them so it is sad in a way to see them go. Could be that Apple has something up their sleeve to replace them so I won’t be too sad.

  3. Among other Macs, we have a 1ghz eMac Combo drive. I bought it refurbished over a year ago for $600. Great solid capable Mac and a great deal. Everyone in the family loves it. If you compare the specs and the price it is a much better deal than the Mini – unless, of course, you want the tiny form factor thing…

  4. I bought my 700 MHz eMac about 3 1/2 years ago to help me with my school work in music at Sacramento State and it is still running great. I love my eMac! I suppose though I will soon have to upgrade to an iMac soon. Not that that’s a bad thing, mind you!

  5. As an education customer it mighht be a good idea to upgrade my current eMac just before I graduate in the spring of 07.

    Seriously? I’ve got an emac, and I’ll be graduating university next year.. my next Mac will be an iBook laptop.

    The eMac is big, extremely heavy.. and with the new iMacs, you can really get bang for your buck.

    Let’s not forget the $500 Mac mini.. which will probably soon be hooked up to your TV…

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