RUMOR: video iPod coming at special Apple event, Mac updates to come later next week

“Tomorrow may in fact see the release of a video iPod, while Mac updates may not be delivered until next week,” Think Secret reports. “Sources are pointing to 30GB and 60GB iPods debuting tomorrow, likely with some sort of video playback ability. Think Secret sources still expect pricing to remain at $299 and $399, with each model offered in two colors.”

Think Secret reports, “Should video playback be incorporated into tomorrows iPod, it may not be with an emphasis on commercial movies. Rumors have swirled for months concerning Apple’s sale of music videos at the iTunes Music Store, and those plus video podcasts and television broadcasting appear better positioned at this point for a video iPod than feature length films. Apple will be hosting a media event at the BBC’s headquarters in London tomorrow to coincide with the media event in California, suggesting a tie-in with that broadcasting entity.”

Full article here.

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  1. “shit, can it just be 20 years in the future with some flying cars and holographic, credit card thin, 100 terabyte ipods already?” –dudeman


    Anyway, I didn’t know about that event over at the BBC HQ… adds a little extra dimension to the speculation, no?

  2. Give me a new Airport Express with iPhoto streaming to your TV!!!

    I’m still happy with my 4G 20GB click-wheel no need to upgrade. iPods aside I want some Mac progress!!!

    MW – “moving” as in let’s get moving with the Mac Accessory line-up!!

  3. DudeMan, I think that 20 years from now the iPod will have holographic capabilities and we will walk around with our favourite artists performing next to us while we go about our business.

    What’s up with Think Secret? They have taken positions on both sides of the fence about tomorrow’s announcement. Those reliable sources they refer to can’t be all reliable.

  4. Apple just keeps upping the hype bar each time they do an event like this. I have no doubt they have their people feeding this stuff to the rumor sites to fan the flames. After all, the “reputable media” picks this stuff up and flies with it.

    Brilliant! Cheap publicity!!

  5. Anyone given thought to the idea of an updated iSight, perhaps that delivers HD video to the computer? This could fit into the video aspect people are predicting, especially with an updated Airport with Av capabilities. How about a way to connect the iSight directly to the Airport Express for a web cam without the need for a computer middleman…?

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