Judgement Day waits for Rob ‘fourth quarter should be ugly for Apple’ Enderle

The Fourth Quarter Should Be Ugly for Apple

On Monday, August 01, 2005, self-described “Principal Analyst” Rob Enderle of the one-man Enderle Group (unless you count Rob’s wife, which obviously he does, hence his usage of the word “Group” in the title of his tax write-off) wrote an article for TechNewsWorld in which he stated:

“As demand for a new product goes up, demand for existing products goes down, which is part of the risk Apple took when pre-announcing the move to x86. Recent surveys indicate demand for Apple’s existing products is dropping like a rock as a result.”

One week later, on Monday, August 8, 2005, Enderle tacked the following onto some tripe about Windows Longhorn that he wrote for TechNewsWorld:

“One other thing: Several folks questioned my comment that Apple demand was dropping like a rock and referred to past sales performance to refute this. Demand is measured by surveys of buying intent and I rely on surveys done for the financial firms who follow Apple. Unfortunately I don’t have the rights to share the results. But the financial reports you have seen are based on sales before Apple announced the Intel move — and the impact of that development won’t show up in the financial reports until after this quarter ends. If the studies are to be believed, the fourth quarter, in particular, should be ugly for Apple.”

Now to be fair – even though fairness should be out of bounds for this one – Enderle did tack on one weak attempt at an ass-saver with:
“Granted, forward-looking studies are often unreliable, but the study I’m now using did accurately predict that last quarter would be very strong.”

Judgement Day Must Wait

While Apple Computer, Inc. did today report the highest revenue and earnings in the Company’s history, we had originally stated that it sounded to us like Enderle was referring not to Apple’s fiscal fourth quarter (Q4 05) which ended today, but the fourth calendar quarter of 2005 (Oct. 1 – Dec. 31, 2005). So, to be fair, Judgement Day will have to wait until we hear Apple’s Q1 06 (Jan. 18) results for October-December 2005. That’s okay, we’re patient, and the Mac with our iCal reminder of this story has a current uptime approaching 6 months, so we think we have a good chance of being ready to see how Enderle did on next earnings day. Even if we forget, we’re sure your “What about Enderle” emails will remind us as they did today. Thanks to all. We’re very interested to see if Apple’s Mac demand “drops like a rock” during 2005’s holiday shopping season. If it does, we’ll gladly credit Enderle and his surveys for breaking the news back in August.

For the record, Apple shipped 1,236,000 Macintosh units in Apple’s Q4 05 ended today, following up strongly on the 1,182,000 Macs shipped in Apple’s Q3 05, and showing 48 percent growth in Mac unit shipments year over year.

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  1. Hmmm. Rob? Enderle? Rob Enderle? Hmmm. That name sounds familiar but I can’t seem to place it. Maybe he was related to Walter Enderle, the great pitcher for the New York Wayfarers? Maybe not. Could he be of the Enderle family that came to the US on the Mayflower? They were stowaways, though. Is he of the same family as Nostradama Enderle, of the old country? It’s my understanding he was drawn and quartered for selling falsehoods, lies, and predictions to the King. The King wrote them down, and Nostradama Enderle didn’t. I’m sure ‘Rob Enderle’ is from the same family, though I simply cannot for the life of me remember anything he wrote that was important or worth remembering.

    Oh well.

    Bambi Hambi

    MDN Magic Word is “town” as in ‘run Rob out of on a rail’

  2. These folks with their careless mouths and pens really get my goat.

    You been seeing how the guys that write the headlines for CNN are describing today’s events? It’s wildly misleading. I hope whatever incentive they have for their shameful machinations is substantial. It would perhaps otherwise seem truly foolhardy for them to be slinging so much blatant misrepresentation with those headlines. They clearly don’t give a crap about their own reputations for honesty, anyway.

  3. I’m sure Comical Rob E. will find a way to weasel out of his comments. He’ll end his argument by talking about how he personally knows Bill Gates and how he’s been part of the whole scene since the start when they were all “crazy kids” as he told me when I challenged him on his “Mac OS was written by Microsoft” spiel. Of course for someone who was supposedly there at the start he certainly doesn’t know the facts, as he claimed MS wrote the Mac OS “nearly two decades ago”.

    He’s good entertainment for those who know better but unfortunately most people who read him don’t.

  4. I think Robbie may be a “fake analyst,” just like Jon Stewart is a fake newscaster (although all the politicians seem to think Jon’s a real reporter).

    MDN writes: “self-described “Principal Analyst” Rob Enderle of the one-man Enderle Group (unless you count Rob’s wife, which obviously he does, hence his usage of the word “Group” in the title of his tax write-off)”

    Well, Robbie does hear voices in his head; doesn’t that qualify him as a “group”?

  5. A few things:

    Firstly, at least Enderle operates as himeself and out in the open. Where’s any name behind MDN’s takes?

    And secondly, am I the only one noticing more and more snide comments mixed into “articles” by the MDN staff instead of being clearly differentiated?

    a helpful link

  6. He seems to be refering to the quarter in which he is writing (Jul-Sep, Q4). I say he already missed his mark.

    And MDN, if you are allowing Enderle to mistake the 4th quarter as Oct-Dec when any analyst would know financials are fiscal (Q4 is Jul-Sep), you give him too much slack.

    MW: such as in “Enderle is such a great analyst”

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