Enderle expects black Apple Macs to debut on Wednesday, not convinced of video iPod debut

“Here at the AMD Global Vision Conference we are covering the future of technology as AMD works to seize the visionary lead from Intel… Paul Saffo, who is moderating the event and is recognized as the leading technology futurist of our time, believes strongly that Apple will announce, along with Disney, the vPod and this will not only be a unique offering leveraging the Disney catalog but it will be a precursor to a renewed relationship between Pixar and Disney,” Rob Enderle writes for Technology Pundits.

“Paul has a good hit rate with this stuff so I’m not one to sell him short I’m just not convinced the video side is cooked enough yet to make this successful and am still not convinced the buying public is ready for a small video device. However, that doesn’t mean they will never be ready,” Enderle writes. “I do expect we will see some PC line changes from Apple and I’m anticipating some new black offerings in their Mac lines which, if done as well as the new Nano, could do a lot to hold up sales as they transition to Intel. The Apple market does buy on appearance and they aren’t gamers, priced right a really attractive product could move reasonably well in the 4th quarter.”

Enderle writes, somewhat incoherently, “Regardless, Apple’s announcements will be well worth watching as the dance they do to avoid the Osborn impact of their Intel platform move should case study level work.” [We think he means “should inspire case study level work” or something to that effect.]

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In a related article via TechNewsWorld, Enderle writes, “It is interesting to note that Apple was so scared of HP’s entry into this market that they approached HP to co-brand the iPod. Of all the vendors out there HP probably has the best chance of coming up with a product and service that could compete.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s the OS, stupid, More precisely, Mac OS X and the Apple Mac-only applications. The beautifully designed and elegant appearance of Apple’s Mac products are just icing on the cake for the vast majority of Mac users. But, you’d actually have to use and understand the Mac platform first in order to grasp that concept. People like Rob “Microsoft wrote the first Mac OS” Enderle who insinuate that Mac users buy Macs because they like pretty cases display a massive lack of basic understanding about what makes the Mac market tick. Nearly all Mac users made the informed choice to use Mac for substantial reasons, the least of which is the pretty exterior. Furthermore, nearly all Window users don’t choose their platform at all (certainly not for nonexistent elegant exterior cases), they just buy Windows because that’s all they know. Again, most Mac users make an informed choice to pick Mac over Windows. Most Windows users do not choose Windows at all; they never even consider the Mac option.

Almost any “regular” personal computer user who wants a reliable machine that can surf the Web, email, manage music, photos, word-process, do their finances, edit home movies, chat, keep track of their calendars, and much more would be far better off with any Mac OS X machine over any Windows XP machine. It has nothing to do with the computer’s exterior. The only “benefits” to using Windows are specific Windows-only applications (mainly in businesses that have shortsightedly shackled themselves and their workers to Windows), and games, for which we’d recommend a gaming console over a Windows PC anyway.

Enderle’s assertion that “Apple was so scared of HP’s entry into this market that they approached HP to co-brand the iPod,” offers further proof that he’s just plain nuts.

As long as Enderle continues to be quoted as if he’s an informed “expert” by mainstream tech media outlets, we’ll cover his Apple-related scribbles to highlight his ignorance and/or bias about Apple and their products. Despite all that we’ve read from Enderle, we still can’t figure out if he’s serious, just trolling for hits, or a failed attempt to mainstream the mentally challenged.

[UPDATE, 2:35pm ET: Addd TechNewsWorld quote and appended “MDN Take.”]

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  1. I don’t know how a Black computer is going to hold up sales for the transition. All Apple has to do is continue to offer solid value at a reasonable price – especially with regards to iMac, iBook and Mac mini – and they’ll continue to have the increasing sales rate they currently have.

    I don’t believe the supposed ‘Osborne effect’ will ever touch Apple. Their product line and corporate execution has been stellar thus far and should enable them to transition without any major hiccups.

  2. Remember that according to Rob “Earthquake Boy” Enderle…

    “Microsoft developed Mac OS”

    To quote from my learned friend, one “Rainy Day”…

    [I]Saying that M$ helped in the original design of the Macintosh is akin to saying that chimpanzees developed Relativity theory and Einstein merely took the credit.[/I]

    And that’s why anything with Rob’s name on it gets refiled into the out-tray of my head.

  3. …mmm in an earlier post I expressed a desire for a Black iMac.
    Think I’ll now opt for beige:–)

    Of course the appearance is just the icing, but it’s the attention to detail
    and superb quality throughout (inside and out/software and hardware)
    which separates the Mac from the rest of the industry.

  4. Wow, an article from Comical Rob E. that didn’t have any misinformation! OK, well, his comment about Mac user’s buying strictly on looks is off but there wasn’t anything in this article that suggests he’s using hallucinogens.

    I’m glad that Apple makes their products look so great, but as I’ve said many times in the past, the box could be made of rocks and sticks and I’d still buy it because of the OS. MDN is absolutely right.

  5. Now we definitively know what Apple WILL NOT have Wednesday. Thank you for clearing that up, Mr. Enderle.

    I wouldn’t trust this guy if he said Steve Jobs was going to wear a turtle neck and jeans!

    Apple went to black laptops in the early 90’s (The PowerBook 500 series, aka the Blackbirds). The PC market followed. So why would Apple go backwards? That would make them look like Dull! As it is, PC makers are still trying to catch up with the brushed metal look.

    A radical case makeover when they go to Intel, Probably. But not for a minor upgrade. Apple is not that desperate.

    As for the real “one more thing….”, I don’t think anyone has really guessed it yet.

  6. Rob Enderle is smarter than the average flack. Every time he enrages the Mac community, the hits on his articles probably skyrocket. Think how this impresses his publishers. MacDailyNews is his biggest publicist.

  7. Black macs???? Consider your iMac being black…. yikes!! So if apple updates mac to black.. what will do with power mac’s?? Wait wait… I just had a vision… i see… powermacs made of IRON or COPER instead of aluminium… I wonder where these guys get those bright ideas… maybe because they all use pc’s??

  8. White is timeless. Black is a fad and shows prints and dust. I think black will sell, but I’ll be pissed if white is discontinued. Oh well, I might be pleasantly surprised. At least it isn’t flower power or dalmation design. What was Stevo thinking????

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