Report: New iPods sans video, Power Macs, and PowerBooks to debut at Apple’s October 12th event

“Since coming forward with information concerning Apple’s anticipated announcements next week, sources have clarified that while the October 12 event will not deliver a video iPod, a lesser update to the full-size iPod will arrive alongside the new Pro Macs,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret. “The new iPod will be available in capacities up to 80GB and will be slightly smaller than current color iPods… While a video-capable iPod remains in development, without the agreements nor infrastructure in place to deliver movies to customers through a store-like interface, Apple sees little value in releasing such an iPod at this time.”

Katz reports on updated PowerBooks and Power Macs that are also expected next week.

Full article here.

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  1. My question is if it’s ONE more thing, how can so many things be updated?

    Sure the Powerbook gaining HD as the one more thing sounds plausable, and why would they do a big media event for it as the processor and ultimately the look will be updated next year?

    I have a feeling these rumor sides are just guestimating all these, trying to cover as much product as possible so they can say, “T told you so”… that’s why the description is soooooooo vague?

  2. You heard it here first:

    Apple is gibing up on the Mac OS and will follow in Palm’s footsteps and adopt Windows.

    The red curtains on the invite signal that Steve Jobs will be having his first period since his sex change operation.

    Apple will be adding Edgar Bronfman to its board.

    I love that nobody really has a clue on this one.

  3. Think Secret be damned, i’m gonna place a bet with my bookie that Apple does intro some kind of video product. Those red curtains ain’t there as a red herring! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Regarding lack of content: Movies ain’t everything. An iPod/DVR would be incredibly useful. So would a Mac mini/DVR. And of course there’s always a video airport device of some kind.

    I’m also placing a bet with my bookie that we won’t see any Macintels until January.

  4. How about a 42″ Cinema Display with built-in support for a new AirPort Express Video.

    Stream your iMovies from your Mac to the LCD with the new AirPort Express Video. Connect your cable or satellite receiver to it and record your shows to your Mac via AirPort, with of course a new DVR/Elgato type of software on your Mac

  5. Let me make this clear again.

    Steve will just only introduce one new product, and that is the new iPod!

    And this new iPod will be the SIZE of the iPod mini.

    Reason for not introducing last time simply because:People will get confuse because between the new iPod and the iPod mini.

    Thus to make thing clear, Steve introduce iPod nano first. To let the whole world know that this is the replacement of iPod mini.

    Than when people understood this, than it’s time to introduce the new mini size iPod.

    And it’s still not a video pod yet, cos the market is not ready yet.

    Hope I get this correct.

  6. If it is a new PowerPC-based computer, the question will be: Why?
    How can it be worth buying since Steve already has said the PowerPC platform sucks and he has gone Intel.
    (Because the dirty truth is, we won´t see a Mactel for at least a year and it will go in Powerbooks and a powerful desktop Mactel won´t be available until around 2008…the same time Apple´s contracts run out with its current chip providers.)
    It will be interesting to see Steve spin how great these new computers will be while in the back of your head you are thinking, “Didn´t he just tell us that Intel is the future, not PowerPC????”

  7. video iPods, for sure…

    they will hype that you can send/receive personal video messages via iChat, and that iMovie will now export directly to a vPod-friendly format and size.

    also, of course, the new ITMS mini-movie section will allow you to d/l moview previews, shorts, music videos, video podcasts, etc.

    well… we’re guessing, aren’t we?

  8. Yeah if it is a video iPod you can bet there will be some sort of restrictions. Mac friendly formats like mov and h264 only. Limited to say a max of 10 minutes only. There’ll be some tricky way of NOT being able to play a full length feature on it. Still, it will warm us all to the idea of mobile video and get us ready for a proper video iPod this time next year.
    Next guess anyone?

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