BusinessWeek’s Burrows: What’s behind Apple’s red curtain? I’m looking for Macs

“Ever since the company touted an Oct. 12 event with an invitation featuring a photo of a curtain-shrouded movie screen, the Apple rumor mill has been cranking at full tilt. Now, I know what most people are saying: that Steve Jobs will unveil a video iPod. In fact, the BBC evidently leaked the news yesterday that such a product would be introduced at its BBC Television Centre on that day. That’s pretty compelling evidence,” Peter Burrows writes for BusinessWeek.

Burrows writes, “Here’s some reasons why I think [Macs] could be the focus of the event: With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, Apple would like to give a big blast of publicity to its computers–which, after all, still bring in the bulk of its sales. The iPod had its turn a month ago, on nano day. Now, it could be the Mac’s turn… Jobs has frequently argued in the past that people do not want to watch movies on a tiny screen. His argument has been that if you want to watch a movie when you’re on the road, there’s already a great way to do it: on a notebook PC. So maybe the company will unveil new Powerbooks with this application in mind… Or who knows: maybe Apple has worked out the licensing complexities with Hollywood to enable it to launch a much-rumored iMovies Online Store, so it could sell flicks just as it sells songs today. Certainly, as chairman of Pixar, Jobs could get the ball rolling by making that studios’ famous flicks available on Blu-ray discs, via an online store, or both.”

Burrows writes, “The news doesn’t have to be limited to PowerBooks, of course. The iMac could also get a facelift with these video-enhancing technologies, as well. And if Apple does indeed launch an online movie store, the possibilities become even more interesting. Apple, as many have pointed out, is as well positioned as any company to figure out how to deliver video from the PC to the living room.”

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  1. Apple isn’t going to hold a media event to introduce ANY new Mac with a PPC chip inside. The new Mac innovations aren’t coming until 2006 when they have “Intel Inside.” Didn’t anyone pay any attention to Steve’s keynote at WWDC?!?

  2. There are rumors that Madonna is designing a new ipod.

    My guess is that they will launch a new ipod and a special edition Madonna ipod and tie that into her new album similar to the U2 promotion last year.

    Besides, it is time to can the ipod U2!

  3. The Beatles are dead guys. I too love to have them even if I have to manage them from jail.
    Don’t do the oldies unless you are designing an iPod for the geriatric. It could double as medicine container but must have large print screens and be resistant to shaking.

  4. If apple is coming out with newer ipods and its a video ipod then i think its time for labels (such as the one I represent) to start charging at least $5.00 for music videos. It seems like a good place to start and once the market picks up we can increase the price. It is too bad that Microsoft cannot join us in making the criminals that steal music pay. I have to think that Apple will bear the weight of our efforts but I fear that they are too small a company and do not have a proven track record as the fan-favorite Micro- (Play HALO theme music here) -Soft.

    Its with the advise from my good friend Rob Enderle that my music label is approaching the unstable Apple with caution.

    Lets face it Apple just cant be trusted to give the world what they want which is good music at a price to keep the artists inspired.


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