Apple executes textbook example of fantastic marketing with ‘One more thing…’ media event

“Apple will unveil a new iPod next week that plays videos. Apple will not unveil a new iPod next week. Apple will release a new generation of its Power Mac personal computers next week. Apple will not release a new generation of Power Macs. And so spiraled the speculation Wednesday after Apple Computer Co. sent cryptic invitations by e-mail to journalists and industry types for an Oct. 12 event at a theater near its Cupertino, Calif., headquarters,” Geoff Dougherty writes for The Chicago Tribune.

Dougherty writes, “By the end of the day, only two things were certain: The Apple e-mail contained a picture of some black curtains, and the company, known for last-minute surprises during product roll-outs, had scored yet another public relations victory. ‘It’s a textbook example of fantastic marketing,’ said Florian Zettelmeyer, a marketing professor at the University of California at Berkeley business school. ‘They get people really excited about these products.'”

Full article here.

“‘The only thing you can be certain is, it will be a surprise,’ said Charles Wolf, an analyst with Needham & Co.,” Ryan Kim reports forTh San Francisco Chronicle. Full article here.
We guess for Mr. Dougherty, only one thing is certain because the curtains in Apple invitation are red, not black. Apple certainly has scored yet another public relations victory.

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  1. “I think that the only reason this kind of marketing works is because Apple has a history of releasing great products. Imagien any other company to do the same?”

    No other company comes to mind in any industry. The Oprah Pontiac G6 giveaway was pretty good but that was an after the fact. I’d love to know what business schools teach about Apple & Steve Jobs.

    Martha Stewart now has her own version of The Apprentice. Can you imagine the Steve Jobs version. “OK Steve, this time don’t fire all the candidates on the first day.”

  2. “… and the Dual PowerMac 970MP, 2.5 GHz. Redesigned from the ground up, perfect for our professional users, we like to call it Quadra-Redefined. 4 x 2.5 GHz. A perfect 10.”


    “Oh, and one more thing … introducing the video iPod and AirPort vExtreme.”

    (Red curtains open. Platform emerges from the floor, spotlighting a small video iPod. HD Pixar movie begins streaming to an Apple 40-inch LCD display, then to a 50-inch flat screen TV standing nearby, and then onto the theater screen behind the curtain. Movies redefined.)

    (jaws drop)

  3. To PC fanatics everywhere:
    As MDN pointed out recently, “DellDailyNews, DellMinute, DellNN, DellSurfer, DellCentral, etc. domain names are all still available.”

    If Michael Dell ever proclaimed, “one more thing,” it would either be something about his shirts needing less starch or his margins are now as thin as his creativity. (think one-sided piece of paper)

  4. But what exactly IS asteroid?

    does anyone know the speed of an airport (g) connection? I would assume that using H.264 the streaming of video in standard def would be possible, would Apple restrict HiDef streaming until they release an 802.11n device? Spectulation anyone?

  5. For any other company to pull off the one more thing strategy they would have surely have had to release something else good in the first place?

    I would have thought h.264 via aiport would be possible, the keynotes look pretty good over the internet on my broadband and airport is considerably faster than that.

  6. Has anyone thought that maybe the curtains on the invite are red because the curtains at the California theater in San Jose where the event is to be hekd are red?
    Also, iDVD has a “Theater” theme that has red curtains that look very similar to the ones used on the invite. Maybe this is going to be an iLife update.

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