What do independent labels think of showdown over 99c Apple iTunes pricing?

The Managing Director of independent label Odessa Mama Records addresses the “Apple iTunes 99c question” in our “Opinion” section today.

“This issue has been in the news for the last couple of weeks. Since I run an independent label and we are selling on iTunes, I wanted to give an opinion on this matter, as obviously, it will have an impact not only the major labels, but many independent labels as well as on digital & mobile downloads market-place in general,” David Faiman, Odessa Mama Records’ Managing Director explains. “With a showdown approaching between the major labels and Apple over 99c price for the downloads and now UK’s Music Managers Forum also unhappy with iTunes pricing, I wanted to give an independent label’s view on this subject, given that there are over 1000 independent labels on iTunes. With almost 15 years experience of running one, I think that the majority of my peers will agree with my views.”

Full article with the opportunity to add your feedback here.

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