Report: Apple’s ‘One More Thing’ special event to feature PowerBook and Power Mac, not video iPod

“Select members of the industry and media received invitations Tuesday from Apple to a special event taking place one week from today at the California Theater in San Jose. The event, Think Secret has learned, will not usher in the much rumored video iPod but rather new PowerBook and Power Mac systems,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret.

Full article here.
Apple has not officially stated the purpose of the October 12 event. Are the Intel-based Power Macs and PowerBooks ready to debut “early?”

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  1. IF TS is correct, I cannot see any reason for showing a Powerbook unless
    its with an Intel chip or the Motorola dual core 8641 chip (which is not scheduled to go into production until next year).

    – Mark

  2. There is an assumption that Steve J will only bring out “one” more thing.

    With Hardmac talking about supply channels in Europe being very thin it is possible that there will be more than one product announced.

    Video iPod? Sure, why not.
    Tivo type device – possible.
    Clear up the Mac mini grab bag? ‘Bout time.
    Dual core G4 PBs? Isn’t this the time that Freescale was going to deliver?
    Dual core PMs? Isn’t IBM ready to ship?

    I wouldn’t be surprised with anything that Steve J came out with.

  3. I kind of think a G5 for PowerBooks might happen. Not delivering one was definitely an embarrassment for Stevo. Might be a personal redemption kind of thing just to say he delivered what he promised. I doubt Intel-based units are ready just yet. This will probably be a combo video iPod, Mac power boosts kind of thing. Will be interesting. Stevo seldoms disappoints.

  4. Vern Johnston “quad dual-cores”

    8 processors? I think you mean dual-dual cores = 4 processors.

    And yes I think I’ll agree with you, but it will be very expensive, I think they will be 970MP G5’s not Intels, only in PowerMac’s. There is hardly any MacTel software ready yet.

    Also some dual cores PowerMac’s and Powerbooks.

  5. So, G Spank and retro cat,

    Do you think Adobe, Microsoft, and the rest will announce new software before Apple will announce Intel Macs? I’m not speculating Intel Macs, but software will FOLLOW hardware — not the other way around.

    When Apple announces Intel Macs, iLife, Adobe’s suite, MS Office for Mac will be ready. But that’s about it. All other Mac software will have to follow. Apple’s not going to wait until EVERY software developer is on board.

  6. Some one pointed out that the announcement itself had rounded upper corners and 90° bottom corners, just like the Mac desktop. I seriously doubt this is anything other than intentional and needs to be factored into the equation. How about if Steve does more than just a single thing, but a synergy of interrelated products:

    • HD movie iTunes store
    • set top box/Airport Express with video out (pre-n, of course) to connect the Mac to the TV
    • Video iPod with an iHome feature to carry content around and preview, or SPECULATION ONLY: an iTablet with a 16:9 size screen around 5-6inches diagonal that can serve as a portable movie veiwer, internet access point, intelligent remote for the set top/Airport Express/Mac/other devices and can also act as a dumb terminal for your desktop Mac, with a limited set of built-in applications such as iLife and iWork 9and of course iTunes/iCal/Mail/Address Book. Price: $699-$899 depending on size of hard drive.

    MW: world – This would take over the world

  7. 2005 – the year of HD. I like the vPod rumours. I am highly suspicious of the G5 and PB rumors. That’s just blind speculation and wishful thinking.

    There will be a lifestyle electro-gizmo announcement. The curtains symbolize that it will be something new, an unveiling. Something secret. It would be unusual for Apple to annouce PB upgrades at an event like this. It must be something new.

  8. I don’t know about that. Hell, it could be anything. But the way it’s being done – debuting the Nano, creating all that buzz. And then throwing this “One More Thing” out there creating even more buzz. If it WAS just a new system or PB, it’d be such a let down.
    No, even if it’s not a video iPod, I’d like to think it’s something nobody saw coming… something really new and exciting…. it’s not that Macs arent’ exciting – they are. But the way this was orchestrated, it doesn’t feel like that…

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