Report: Apple’s ‘One More Thing’ special event to feature PowerBook and Power Mac, not video iPod

“Select members of the industry and media received invitations Tuesday from Apple to a special event taking place one week from today at the California Theater in San Jose. The event, Think Secret has learned, will not usher in the much rumored video iPod but rather new PowerBook and Power Mac systems,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret.

Full article here.
Apple has not officially stated the purpose of the October 12 event. Are the Intel-based Power Macs and PowerBooks ready to debut “early?”

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  1. Although new Powerbooks & Powermacs are nice, I don’t think that
    Apple is going to go to all the trouble without introducing at least one new product, even if its not as big as a new iPod. It could be something like new software or a new type of airport base.

  2. I don’t have a clue as to what the annoucement is but I am for darn sure it ain’t just speed bumps for the PowerMac/Book lines. Seriously why would Apple call a special event for this? They only call for a special event on things that are truly a suprise (the nano, color iPod and U2 iPod, the ITMS to name a few). WHy would they make themselves look like small potatoes to update the pro line? They will update the Pro lines either queitly at the event or just on the But there will be something exciting at hte event.

    Has to be.

  3. I guess that’s kind of an “anti-rumor”. ThinkSecret says “Nothing to see here. Move along.”

    I’m with those who doubt that Apple would call a big event just to upgrade their towers and laptops, unless it’s one heck of an earth-shattering upgrade.

    Apple has utterly castrated ThinkSecret. The lawsuit may not yet be settled, but they’ve already lost.

  4. Q: When was the last time Apple had a special media event to announce upgrades to their current computer line?

    A: Never.

    Obviously, this is a news given to them and Apple is trying to smoke out the last leaker. Can’t believe Think Secret fell for it.

    Everyone knows updated machines are eventually going to be here. There is no secret there.

  5. << Are the Intel-based Power Macs and PowerBooks ready to debut “early?” >>

    I have been speculating that Apple will introduce MacTels at MWSF, with shipping dates in February to thwart delayed buying decisions for some time. October would be much to early.

    MW = time. As in, “Is the time right”? No.

  6. Oh yeah, dual-layer DVD burners and faster graphics in the new PowerBooks too. Possibly H.264 accelerated video, but that might have to wait until Intel PowerBooks – depending on ATI. I’m guessing no two-button trackpad until Intel PowerBooks.

  7. Apple hasn’t been holding special events for basic PPC upgrades. The last two upgrades to the Powerbook and the PowerMac just slipped out, and look at the latest upgrade to the Mac mini. Not even announced.
    This event won’t be ppc updates surely…
    But we’ll see soon.

  8. Just a wild guess by the Dude here…. but the Dude thinks that it will be a home theater type device. A home entertainment center connecting your digital lifestyle to your TV for easy viewing.

    F it….. I’m gonna go bowling.

    The Dude abides.

  9. Intel Macs without software to support them?

    No native apps?

    No, the speculation is moronic.

    Think Secret nailed it. PowerMacs and Powerbooks have been in a nasty slide.

    Expect nice upgrades to the PowerMac–e.g. ability to have 4 drives, smaller cases, etc.,–and HD support for the PowerBooks.

    Personally, I hope we see a sweet new 17″ Powerbook with the ATI x800 and a 2ghz CPU, and faster and better everything. I’ll upgrade from my Rev. B PB17 in a second if that is the case.

    Plus, you know iLife 06 is going to have some creative HD support. Keynote will have better HD support. Apple is laying the groundwork now with hardware for the software in January.

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