Jefferies & Co. analyst: checks indicate Apple started video iPod production last month

“PortalPlayer Inc. shares posted a second day of gains Tuesday following a spate of upbeat signals for the chip maker’s growth prospects,” The Associated Press reports. “With demand surging for Apple’s newest player, the iPod Nano, analysts are optimistic that PortalPlayer will continue reaping benefits as a key supplier to Apple. In the second quarter, PortalPlayer swung a profit on nearly quadrupled revenue.

“In a research note published Monday, Thomas Weisel Partners analyst Jason Pflaum raised his profit and revenue estimates for the company, citing an earlier-than-planned worldwide Nano launch and strong adoption trends, as well as continued expansion in the fledgling media-player market,” AP reports. “Adam Benjamin, a Jefferies & Co. analyst, also said Monday that his checks indicate production started last month on a video iPod using PortalPlayer chips, and could be launched soon with strong sales expectations.”

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Yesterday, UBS Investment Research Analyst Ben Reitzes noted in a research note to clients that an Apple handheld device capable of video playback could be in the works. In July, the Wall Street Journal – which correctly predicted Apple’s move from PowerPC to Intel-based Macs earlier this year – reported that Apple was in discussions with major content providers regarding licensing video content for a video-capable iPod due in fall 2005.

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  1. Whoa – this is a major leak. There have been no confirmable rumors of a Video iPod and here Apple has it’s biggest iPod chip supplier spilling it to an analyst!

    Merry Christmas AAPL stock holders

    MDN word: where

  2. Apple can be enabling the ability to play the movies it sells on iTMS. That way it could be used as a test bed for that functionality. As with the photo feature, it could end up just being a neat trick but with little real use until the next major development.

  3. Nobody spilled anything. One analyst claims his checks show iPod video in production, but goes into absolutely no specifics.

    Hardly a collosal leak.

    My checks indicate the iPod is going to renamed Newton X2 and be available Thursday. The X2 will be made of platinum and be available in 250GB flash exclusively. All other iPod lines terminated.

    You heard it here first.

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