FOX News posts video review of Apple iPod nano, Mighty Mouse, Motorola ROKR

Fox News has posted a 3:42 minute video review online in their “FOXLIFE” section entitled, “The Next Big Thing,” where Mens Health Editor Matt Bean takes a look at Apple’s iPod nano, Mighty Mouse, and Motorola’s ROKR iTunes-enabled mobile phone.

Video report here.


  1. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />
    Can it really be true? Did a Brit get first post?

    Really though, The nano is great, not so sure about the ROKR, not quite my style. Mighty mouse best mouse I’ve used for years, now running one on each of OSX, Linux and Wintel machines.

  2. Amazingly accurate, especially considering it was Fox. Good thing they had that young guy on who actually knew what was going on. I’ll bet he is a Mac User. The only thing I could fault was he said that the Mighty Mouse advantage was you could scroll left and right as well as up and down. The actual advantage is you can scroll DIAGONALLY. A lot of other mice have the feature where you can tilt the scroll wheel to go left and right. Also he called it a scroll wheel rather than a scroll ball (or pea). But overall a really great review. I wish I woulda bought more AAPL at 35!

  3. If it’s not on O’Reilly’s show or in his books then it is Liberal propaganda. Apple is a den of sex-crazed dope-fiends. Does anybody realize how much Liberal propaganda is generated by Mac users and Mac-based designers and printers? I can’t believe this Liberal propaganda has made it even to the hallowed halls of FOX News!

    Heil Murdoch!

  4. It wan’t working for me in Safari. Mucking through the page HTML, it appears it is a Flash anaimation. In case you haven’t heard, Macromedia has released the Flash 8 player for Mac but it doesn’t work very well. I’ve been fscking around with it for a week trying to get it to work with a site I need for my job, to no avail.

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