Apple invites media to ‘One More Thing’ special event on October 12

Apple has announced a special event by invitation only to be held at 10:00 am PT, 1:00 pm ET on October 12 at the California Theater in San Jose, California – the same venue where Apple debuted the iPod photo and iPod U2 Special Edition and launched the European Union iTunes Music Stores in 2004. Last month, Apple held a similar event in San Francisco to debut the iPod Nano, Motorola ROKR iTunes phone, and iTunes 5.

The invitation features red curtains in the background with white type that states simply, “One more thing…”

Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ Macworld Expo and Special Event keynote speeches have often played host to Steve Jobs’ famous phrase “One more thing,” which Jobs uses just before revealing big product announcements.

No other information regarding the event’s purpose or what would be announced was included in the invitation.

[UPDATE: 4:50pm ET: added invitation image as per readers’ requests.]

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  1. not to damper things, but the red curtain can also just be there because the California Theater has that red curtain, and it is merely a reference to the location of the announcement, not to the product itself.

    I hope I am wrong.

  2. Personally I’d love to see a home tv solution before a video iPod. Yet another day that I have to clear my schedule to be glued to my computer waiting to see what the great one will introduce.

  3. Wouldn’t it blow everyone away if it was the first installment of new Intal Macs? After all, OS X is already ported. For lots of other software it’s very easy. Oh, so exciting!

    MW “also” Maybe there’s more . . . . “And another thing. . . .”!

  4. it is interesting that the image has smoothed corners on the top and square corners on the bottom like the current and historic screens on macs. so i think it has something to do with computers. plus, they just had an ipod event. so it must have something to do with the X2, that is the only thing that makes sense. instead of platinum though, it might use rubies, maybe a ruby red laser for read/writable storage. or, it could some neat new shoes.

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