Hysteria over iPod nano manufacturing blip proves Apple is not a company – it is a religion

“In space, no one can hear you scream. In cyberspace it is a different matter. After weeks of tussle, one little website has forced the mighty Apple to acknowledge a problem with its iPod Nanos, the rinky-dink music player thinner than a pencil that can hold 1000 songs,” Alison Rowat reports for The Herald. “[Buyers of the iPod nano, which] has been flying off the shelves… had complained about cracked screens and scratches. Apple says the problem only affects a tiny proportion of the stock and has offered free replacements.”

MacDailyNews Note: In the U.S., at least, “rinky-dink” means “old-fashioned, amateurish, or shoddy.” By reading Rowat’s entire piece, it is clear that she didn’t mean that definition to apply to iPod nano. We’re pretty sure that she meant “tiny.” Also, we’re not so sure that one tiny website forced Apple to do anything they weren’t already planning to do. A manufacturing defect in a batch of products is a quality control issue that any reputable company would take care of sans online hysteria. Apple is different, as Rowan attempts to explain.

Rowat writes, “Just an everyday story of a manufacturing blip. It would be, if Apple was an everyday company with everyday customers. That, however, is like saying the Beatles were a fairly popular beat combo. To many of its followers, Apple is not a company: it is a religion… Not that the followers of Apple should be tarred with the same brush as the members of such cults, or “new religious movements” as they, and their lawyers, like to call them. But Apple-heads (and I confess to being one) do have some things in common with cult members.”

Rowan writes, “The promise of free [iPod nano] replacements has restored peace in Mac paradise… Elsewhere in the blogosphere, some unhappiness remains, particularly over Apple’s advice that anyone worried about scratches on their [iPod nano] should buy a special case. It looks as though the apple of innocence about Apple might have been eaten. Still, when a religion acquires its doubters, it truly has arrived.”

Full article here.

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  1. You mean, like the warranty?

    Once Apple found a manufacturing defect, the “promise” was just empty words. They’d cover it under warranty anyway, no special treatment required.

    And I’m with MDN–that “little web site” (which was half about abusing one single Apple employee and trying to get them fired and being a jerk about doing so) did not push Apple into addressing this. They were starting to already–otherwise they wouldn’t have been ABLE to respond this soon.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, username! Man, I wasn’t sure you could pull it off, but you really stuck to your guns. What an accomplishment! Your parents must be proud. I mean, I’m sure hey had high hopes for you, but a first post on MDN? They must be beside themselves with glee.

    Don’t let this opportunity slip by! This isn’t just another line on your resume–it could be your big break if you play your cards right. I have a little bit of experience with publicity, so if you need any advice about where to send press releases, I’d be happy–make that honored–to help. Wow.

  3. The iPod Nano is “tiny” and the nano whiners web site is “rinky dinky”

    She wants a nice little nano bikini so the guys can touch her button. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

  4. I confess and proclaim to the world that I am a Macist and am willing to engage in Macological discussions with anyone interested in Macism, or The Way of the Mac, as it is called in some circles.

    Throw off your shackles and enter the light, oh ye poor windozers! Climb up from the virus infested pits of mediocrity and let the clean clear wind of the Macintosh Experience scour the taint of corrupt registries and illogical actions such as stopping with the start button from your soul. No longer shall you be missing dlls and illegal actions will cease to haunt you.

    Come! A new level of computing enjoyment awaits you. You have only to say the word and the Macintosh Community will welcome you with open (and very helpful) arms. Come! OS X awaits!

    MW: light

  5. Religion? Oh come on. Religious fanatics more like it. Here I take a chance and see what result transpires…

    Apple sucks at times coz they produce shoddy equipment – iPod batteries which last 18 months, iPod screens which break, laptop screens which break, laptop hinges which break, laptop DVD drives which break, some models are subject to overheating, some even pop capacitors. Some models have bugs in their firmware such that they’re starved for data from the hard discs. Plus, their computers run at half the speed of the competition! I could go on.

    They gouge their customers to help afford Steve’s nice jet, yet also have billions in the bank which is not returned to shareholders. They basically act as arrogant as they possibly can with anyone and everyone. Elitist is quite possibly their mantra, I don’t know.

    Now, that’s just a taste of what could be said, and probably has been said many times before. However, if Apple users weren’t fanatical, you’d all say, “Yea, he’s got a point on many of these”, but I suspect this will get flamed, thus proving many of you are indeed total fanatics.

    Good day to you all.

    ps this is of course just a joke, intended to enrage the masses of fanatics out there… we’ll see.

    pps i’m such a kidder.

  6. There is one HUGE glaring error to this article, she is confusing the “Cult of the iPod” with the “Cult of Mac”. There are many iPod users who have never experienced a Mac and in many cases probably never will.

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