Is something big coming?  Report: Almost no Apple products currently in European pipeline

“It took us some [time to get a handle on] everything, but it seems that there are [very little stock] of any Apple products in Europe! It [has] never happened before: networks between the European distributors for Apple and the local AppleCenters are almost empty. Beside some eMacs and PowerBooks, there [are] no stocks from the Powermac G5 to the Mac mini, the same for the iBook and the of course the iPod. Knowing that the Chinese New-Year is not in September, that usually [product stocks] are high after an Apple Event such as the Paris AppleExpo, and that September is the end of a financial quarter, one can seriously ask what’s going on… In the past Apple has never [renewed] its entire products portfolio at once,” MacBidouille reports.

Full article here.

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