Got some nano scratches? Restore your iPod nano to new condition with a $4 can of Brasso

“So, you have a black nano and now realize that you should have purchased a case or a cover for it. But, it’s too late now, it’s already covered with barely visible scratches and marks that you can only see under a 500-watt lamp. Oh no! What will you do? Never fear, I put my nano at risk for your sake,” Todd Dailey writes in his weblog “I had read on Slashdot and a few other places that Brasso can restore an iPod to like-new condition, but I didn’t believe it myself, and I was a bit worried that it would have some sort of bad reaction with my iPod, such as melting it. After all, a $4 can of Brasso can’t compete with $20+ third party creams and polishes, can it?”

Dailey explains the 20-minute process and writes, “the Brasso got rid of every single scratch. My nano looks completely, totally brand new.”

Full article with description of the process and before/after pictures here.

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  1. I’ve used brasso on my 1st gen iPod and it looks great – a few deeper dings which can’t be removed, but heck the thing is three years old. The cheapest protection for my 4th gen was to get some of that electrostatic film in large sheets and cover it. That way you can see the beauty of the iPod and protect it.

  2. What about that CD/DVD repair solution liquid stuff. You know the stuff that acts like car wax, where you wipe it on, let it dry a couple of minutes and buff it off. Works great for minor scratches on CDs & DVDs.

  3. I bought Brasso on sale at the local supermarket for $3.40. Enough to polish 10000 nanos.

    I used some on my 3G because of some scratches on the backside. It works, but slowly so you need to be patient. It seems to work faster on the front side than on the back

    I should be getting my case from zWorld this week.

  4. Now, in conjunction with Apple replacing nanos with faulty displays, this story can finally be laid to rest.

    The only story I want to hear about nanos from now on are sales numbers, accessories and how much money Creative is going to spend on a new ‘war of the nanos’ ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue wink” style=”border:0;” />

  5. LISTEN!!

    I have spent many many years polishing brass for Uncle Sam, if you don’t use the right cloth, you’ll put MORE scratches on your iPod!!


    Use a clean, free of hard stains and grime, worn out, cotton t-shirt or underwear. First wipe any dirt off iPod before rubbing fine grains of dirt into iPod like sandpaper.

    Use water to wet cloth slightly and then apply Brasso to cloth, rub back and forth, NOT IN SWIRLS!!!

    Prankster links, locks Mac’s, hard reboot needed ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

  6. Well the whingers have won out over this proposterous scratch complaint, thanks to the media picking up this story (With the exception of I imagine a few rare genuine stories of screen meltdowns).

    Every mobile phone I have ever owned I have gotten scratches on virtually straight away, because I don’t care. But I would never dream of complaining.

    Personally I have no sympathy for losers who don’t cover their iPods the instant they take them out of the box. Like CDN Guy, I always put one of those clear adhesive films over the screen. But also I put them in a case. I would never consider putting an uncovered iPod in my pocket, they I do with my phone.

    This just tells me we really do live in a society of ‘victims’ who do not take personal responsibility for anything they do.


  7. Before we lay this story to rest, can we acknowledge that rushing to Apple’s defense everytime someone makes a valid complaint might not make sense? I know everyone here likes Apple, but being a die-hard apologist is a little over the top.

    We now know there was a manufacturing defect with the Nano, one that this site claimed was pure ‘FUD’.

    I personally am sick of the community unwilling to take Apple to task for constant manufacturing defects. This is not the first time, nor will it be the last.

    I for one will never again purchase an Apple computer since having extensive dealings as an AARP with the corporate ‘Support’ department. These people care about sales, first and only – service is a complete afterthought.

    My 0.02$

  8. See the comment above my last one, by BRAD T, perfectly illustrates this ‘fanboy’ attitude.

    Apparently, Apple can do nothing wrong. That’s fine – but don’t try to shout down or insult people who actually have the intelligence to complain.

    I run FreeBSD on x86 hardware – I’m no fanboy, but I certainly am not part of the military-industrial-Microsoft complex.

    Try some respect, fanboys, it goes along way.

  9. Colin,

    FreeBSD on used x86 hardware. You are an expert on cheap computing.

    I guess that means you don’t even use an iPod. You don’t even use a Mac. You don’t use any Apple software. Why are you here anyway? Why even visit this site?

    You are the very definition of a troll.

  10. Sorry “From <blank name>:” No, I cannot make the acknowledgement you requested. There is nothing wrong with rushing to Apple’s defense, because the number of folks desiring to put a fork in Apple way outnumber those of us willing to rush to their defense. There was a small manufacturing defect affecting fewer than 1 in 1000. That is of course significant to the ones who got the defect, but that did not justify the “barrages” or the Wintel FUD attack on nanos. So no, as long as there are those ready to pounce on Apple at the slightest hint of an issue, there will be plenty of us ready to try to keep it in perspective.

    But now that you made that comment about Apple support, I think we know where you are coming from. You’re an unhappy former buyer, who is now a whiner and a complainer. I have been buying Apple products for years, dozens of pieces of equipment. I have bought AppleCare for some, and not for many. I have never had anything but excellent supportt and service from Apple, including the early years, the Sculley/Amelio years, and the glory years since. I am a fan, and I have not been disappointed. So, you’ll never buy another Apple computer? Bully for you, but too bad as well, because you’re missing out. Still, that’s your choice. But it also means you are inherently not objective; if anyone does, you lack the perspective to be even-handed here, because you refuse to test your own bias. That is your right, but don’t ask someone to agree with you just because of the nano defect. I’m with Brad T here. Want respect? Earn it. Others may think you have; I don’t. Sheesh, you don’t even use a fake name.

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