Apple Computer shares hit all-time high, top $54 in early trading

Apple Computer Inc. (AAPL) shares hit a new all-time high of $54.56, up $1.36, in early NASDAQ trading today on heavy share volume of 11,172,671.

Apple’s previous high was $53.81 set during regular session trading on 09/20/2005.

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  1. It would be great from MDN to offer additional coverage of AAPL performance. Perhaps plotting stock price against product announcements or other siginificant updates on iTunes market share, etc. that would help AAPL investors and Mac users see a correlation between event and performance.

    MDN word: true

  2. I come here for investment info.

    I want to see if I’ve invested my technological faith in the right place. And my technological bugdet (HW).

    hmm…maybe folks would rather stock tanked? sheesh!

    Thank you MDN.

  3. I guess those complaints about easy scratching screens on the nano didn’t resonate on Wall Street.

    Anyone here having cosmetic problems with new nanos? I don’t own one, but all iPods easily scratch. I wonder of those complaining are new to iPod ownership.

  4. From a MarketWatch article today, “Analyst Richard Gardner reiterated his hold rating on Apple’s stock, but lifted his price target to $55 from $40”.

    So last week Gardner had a hold rating on Apple, but expected its share price to “hit” 40 bucks (last week it was above 50). Now why is it that my logic tells me that if I expected the stock to FALL, then I’d dump that stuff ASAP, and not HOLD it?

    Or is that why the word analyst is derived from ANAL, when you’re talking about financial BS’ers?

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