Apple releases Mac OS X Security Update 2005-008

Apple today released Security Update 2005-008 via Mac OS X Software Update. Security Update 2005-008delivers a number of security enhancements and is recommended for all Macintosh users.

This update includes the following components:


More info:


  1. Tom said:

    “It’s just a pity that they haven’t updated/fixed the stinking turd that is Quicktime since H.264 was introduced.

    The revised version of Quicktime sucks – now I can’t open multiple browser movie feeds without things grinding to a halt and the beachball appearing for ten minutes. Quicktime Pro sucks ass now too – markers follow the playhead around which makes editing clips a pain in the f@#$ing ass. Thanks Apple you f@#$heads!”

    Like Tom, I’m wondering if Apple are going to improve the Quicktime browser experience which they killed with Quicktime 7 … I encounter the same problem with multiple movie feeds in browser windows, (which wasn’t there prior to 7) and Quicktime Pro IS a dog’s breakfast now … snapping markers to the playhead must be the dumbest thing Apple did in a long time with Pro – where was the consultation? At least enable the “feature” to be turned off …

    It’s great to have updates, but when updates break something that wasn’t broken, or make it run worse than it did, it’s very frustrating.

    P.S. Has anyone noticed dashboard widgets not retaining their screen positions – I leave certain widgets in the dashboard environment for quick reference and find them overlapping each other after a couple of days use – this after leaving them nicely organized.

  2. last security update/safari – I was having a hell of a time with this, too. Safari won’t load -> can’t force quit -> can’t restart or shutdown. Hard quit/power off was the only option…or so I thought. For my powerbook, sleeping by closing the lid seemed to fix the problem.

    Still, I’m going to wait on this security update.

    widgets: I have 3 weather widgets running and I had tried to align them, but they do move around

  3. If your system has started becoming unresponsive after the latest Java updates, take a look at this thread:

    There seems to be a bug in the lookupd daemon in MacOS X that was worsened/highlighted with the Java update. Disconnecting from the network (unplugging the ethernet cable/temporarily disabling AirPort) seems to kill the problem for awhile. Your putting your laptop to sleep broke the network connection, temporarily fixing the issue.

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