Anti-Mac FUD, the impact of Windows Vista on Apple, and Rob Enderle

You just don’t “see very much anti-Mac FUD these days. The old myths and nonsense just doesn’t seem to have the same bite to it – and it’s more often than not the Mac users who are doing the FUDing,” Ian Betteridge writes for Technovia. “Someone seems determined to prove me wrong, and that someone is Rob Enderle. It should be noted, for the record, that I enjoy what Rob writes, and there are occasions when he’s right about Apple. But in his piece on Windows Vista: The Final Countdown Begins, Rob spouts what can only be described as ‘a load of nonsense’ about the impact of Vista on Apple.”

Betteridge picks apart Enderle’s latest “piece” to wonderful effect in the full article and concludes, “Come on Rob, if you’re going to argue Apple is doomed, at least give us some decent arguments!”

Full article here.

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  1. I have heard Rob Enderle (he was the guest) on the radio here in Chicago (business show on all news station). It is amazing how this guy makes a living knowing so little about the computer industry in general not just Apple.

  2. Better to ignore than draw attention to something.
    I first learned of Enderle from MDN, never heard of him before that.

    MDN should ask Enderle for a payment for all the promoting they do of him.

    He gains credibility by being able to say that even MDN quotes him. He is so powerful (he probably says in is letters to advertisers, etc.) that the Mac widget heads sit around and discuss his pontifications.

    So instead of advertisers putting more Cash at MDN sites they split it up and give some to people MDN promotes. Result less ad revenue for MDN, more for Enderle.

  3. Well, it took some digging but I found a direct quote from Rob Enderle himself from August 3, 2004:

    “HI, I’m Rob Enderle, I’m paid to hate Linux by Microsoft. I actually am Bill Gates Love slave, was fired from IBM for mooning Louis Gerstner, have a huge personal investment in SCO, and regularly steal candy from little defenseless babies. OK, there I said it, I’ve come clean, spilled the beans, finally told the truth”

  4. I checked out the article by this guy Betteridge and, yeah, he does pick apart Enderle’s nonsense, but then he throws in some of his own anti-Apple/mac nonsense.

    Ever hear the expression, “Backhanded compliment”? With “friends” like this, who needs enemies.

  5. Betteridge loves to advise people – the ones that he’s incapable of debating with – to take ‘anger management courses’. Could there be a weaker argument style?

    “I’m Ian B., I can’t manage to drum up one notion to debate you with – certainly, with any intellectual veracity – so I’ll attack your comments with platitudes and double-speak.”

    Folks, I’d say that while Enderle is as transparent as dollar-store gossamer, regarding his devotion to MS – Betteridge is by far, a more oblique bootlick than Enderle, and thus is even more deplorable.

    Declaring that he rarely encounters anti-Mac FUD, while also stating that MacZealots are far more vocal, from ‘his’ perspective – spotlights this ‘unbiased computer pundits’ ‘selective FUD radar’. Or maybe he has a web-browser that only reads MacZealot rants. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    What’s most entertaining about this particular ‘Champion of the Neutral’ is, he’ll endlessly – albeit, cleverly defend his own hypocrisy with the silliest red herrings.

    And his refusal to participate further in the debate HE created is a sign of bankruptcy, NOT resignation.

  6. Hey, if it isn’t all smiles and roses about Apple, the Mac, or iPod, you’re just plain wrong, stupid, ignorant, and a <insert favorite derogatory term here>.

    God forbid somebody have an contrary opinion that doesn’t delve into the nth degree to convince you it was a worthy opinion to hold. Goodness knows most everyone here provides copious amounts of detail in their rebuttals or opinions when showing these tech writers haven’t done their research…

  7. Sheesh! MDN sites somebody´s personal blog as evidence that another writer (Enderle) is wrong.
    Hey, MDN – If you want I can ask my neighbor´s 9-year old daughter to say something bad about Enderle and you can quote her.

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