The Onion asks its readers ‘What do you think of Apple’s new iPod nano?’

The Onion, America’s Finest News Source (not intended for readers under 18 years of age), has tackled the Apple iPod nano. We almost missed it, as it was published on September 16. In case you missed it, we provide the link:

The Onion asks, “Apple recently introduced yet another new iPod, a wafer-thin, flash-based unit that marks the fifth product generation for the popular player. What do you think?”

Three Onion readers give their opinions (not intended for readers under 18 years of age) here (scroll down).


  1. Since the onion is about comedy and not real stories it would be a waste of time to post my opinion there. The iPod Nano is a big hit. I’ve already seen several users who I thought would never own an iPod have already bought the iPod Nano. It is clearly a great product.

  2. I read that the Pentagon has requested that Apple start developing the iPod femto (yocto was TOO small) with preprogrammed Barry Manilow tunes that could be sprayed from 10,000 feet over the “Axis of Evil” countries (you know who you are). The DOD theory is that belligerent nations would become instantly docile from the incessant drones of “Copacabana” and “Mandy” coursing through their minds and bodies.

    : D

    MW: care, as in “I care, really.”

  3. It’s true, Ampar. Another factor was that user testing revealed that the assPod, while undeniably a lot of fun, had an unreliable dock connector that tended to become unexplainably clogged.

    Hey what do you guys want??? Honest commentary???

    There’s no news here, people. Move along.

  4. actually, Ampar, the DOD is using heavy-metal music as a part of their psych-warfare tactics in Iraq. Manilow doesn’t produce the same level of stress/irritation that a heavy dose of Slayer or Metallica (at ear-shattering volume) does.

    For real…this is true.

  5. the onion is all a bunch a liberals who support homosexuals, evolutionists, communists, and negroes, and make fun of everything christian. they should be prosecuted under the patriot act.

    god bless george w. bush, and let’s hope he kills more arabs

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