Apple’s Detroit area stores reporting a 5-to 7-day wait on iPod nano

“The iPod nano is Apple Computer’s replacement for the iPod mini and its buzz and bling factor is major. If you want one right away, you’ll have to settle for the $199 2-gigabyte version that holds 500 songs. The 4GB, 1,000-song model ($249) is in short supply, with both of Apple’s Detroit area stores reporting a 5-to 7-day wait,” Mike Wendland reports for The Detroit Free Press. “Similar results are reported nationwide.”

Wendland reports, “Apple has not yet released nano sales figures, but at Apple retail stores in Troy and Novi, so many people have called to get hold of one that the store telephone is answered with a recorded announcement on the limited availability of the nano. The iPod has become the icon for the digital age, selling 27 million since 2001 and accounting for an astounding 75% of the music player market. That was before the introduction of the nano, a super sleek 1.5-ounce device with a color screen that is about as thick as a pencil. It was unveiled two weeks ago by Apple chief executive officer Steve Jobs.”

Full article, focusing on iPod nano accessories, here.

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  1. I ordered a 2-gig nano last week from Apple’s online store. It “shipped” on the 16th with an estimated delivery date of 10:30 this morning (the 21st). But the FedEx tracking page shows that it’s still sitting in their facility in Shenzhen, China due to a “Regulatory agency clearance delay”. Interestingly, their estimated delivery date is still today at 10:30 am.

  2. to eagerlyWAITING

    Sitting in Shenzhen? That’s just across the border from Hong Kong, and a long way from Shanghai, where I understand many other iPod models are made.

    Just an interesting tidbit in trying to divine the internal workings of Apple manufacturing!

  3. My colleague got his through the Singapore Apple Store last Monday. I took one look and ordered mine immediately, had it delivered on Wednesday. Good thing I got my order in early, cuz the wait times are going up, up, up!

    I sold my Apple stock at $22 (pre-split) a few years ago. Thought I was pretty smart having bought at $18. What a difference an iPod makes. Go Apple!

    MDN MW = “terms” as in “I have to come to terms with my decision to sell out”!

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