Apple CEO Jobs reaffirms commitment to ship Intel-based Macs by June 26

“Apple Computer Inc. is on track to ship Intel-based computers as targeted by June 2006, Chief Executive Steve Jobs said on Tuesday. ‘We are on track to do that,’ Jobs told a news conference in Paris, referring to the plan the company announced in June this year,” Reuters reports. In addition, “Jobs said Apple has a 4.5 percent share of the PC market in the United States and a 3 percent share globally.”

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  1. SJ was quoted several weeks ago as saying 5% was a “glass ceiling.”

    Remember this well. Apple will put a most of its marketig effort into other revenue streams (iPod, digital content distribution, .Mac, iLife, Leopard).

    He feels he’s done about as well as he can with Mac sales. Hell the OS is 4 years ahead of XP, and still can’t crack 5%? Jeez.

  2. If they sold a cheap package and got into retail chains a lot of people would probably get home and realize they had macs. They sell boutique style and Apple stuff is hard to get out of the bug city areas. I don’t have an Apple store anywhere near me. So I go to best buy and they have mini’s with 256 meg of ram. No wonder no one buys them. I’m surprised OS X even gets to a desktop with 256. So people around here try them out and they think all macs suck now because the mini with 256 is sitting there paging in and out of disk to do every little thing. Good going Apple. It’s stupid shit like that that makes me think this might be my last Powerbook wether I like it or not.

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