Apple’s iTunes 5 is more significant for Windows PC users

“In an unusual twist for Apple, which understandably directs the vast majority of its resources at Macintosh-users, the iTunes update is more significant for PC users,” Eric Convey writes for The Boston Herald. “A nifty – if often overlooked – feature of iTunes has been the ability to load calendars and address books onto iPods. It’s extremely convenient. Unfortunately, it was limited to Mac users.”

“Now, Windows users can synchronize address books from Outlook Express and address books and calendars from Outlook with iPods,” Convey writes, “A sad note: this seems to cut into the market for a wonderful program called iPodSync. Its producer stepped in before Apple did to allow Windows synchronizing with iPods and in doing so created what may be the nicest interface of any Windows application. If you have the time, look at it just for fun via:

Convey’s preferred method for loading music onto iPod is to use iTunes and “buy old-fashioned CDs. You then can load your songs onto as many players as you like. Moreover, if you use a standard such as Apple’s ‘Lossless’ format, you get higher fidelity, albeit limiting the number of tunes you can put on your iPod due to the bigger file size.”

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  1. As Apple reinvents itself as a software vendor…

    The average Windows user will benefit from the competitive marketplace promoted by Microsoft. With the Windows platform open competition leads to open development and product choices.

    Apple is unable to offer its OS users any new or original software because of the lack of any competition within the Apple software world.

    We in the “real IT world” welcome the entrance of Apple into the Windows software world. However, time will show if any of the Apple products hold value or are desired by Windows users. Early indications show that most users have superior software offerings from existing vendors and have no plans to shift to any Apple software offerings.


  2. Well now – yes I suppose iPodSync is feeling something like how Konfabulator felt when Tiger announced Dashboard and Widgets.

    Perhaps iPodSync could look at syncing with other devices if those behind this software feel it pointless to compete.

    I’ll leave it open for discussion here on this board as to what other type of device(s) iPodSync should change to.

  3. Hello there Sputnik nice to see your irreverent bullshit again.

    Still we all know real IT people are those out of a job right now because there isn’t enough brain cells to go around, hence you’re here more these days.

  4. Let me just clarify that, there’s not enough brain cells due the fact that there are only three for the entire Windows IT so-called-experts. Sharing those three cells over a network that crashes and blue screens out every 45 minutes in every hour day and night without fail and is too simplistic to allow for security features, it cannot tell the difference between a virus and a bone-fide application.

    MW: against as in Microsoft is against any form of self innovation and creativity and relies on Apple to innovate and steal from and perpetually lie to its users claiming they invented it.

    Pity Microsoft cannot even steal correctly and design decent software.

  5. “most users have superior software offerings from existing vendors and have no plans to shift to any Apple software offerings.”

    Wow, that’s amazing. I switched from PC to Mac because windows didn’t offer any software that even remotely compared to the iLife suite. I think what really is even more amazing is that I know several people that have switched to a mac for the “less-superior” apple software.

    Furthermore, how does microsoft promote a “competitive marketplace?” I am waiting with great anticipation for the answer to that one.

  6. Personally, I think if iPodSync expanded to include Palm or MeetingMaker synchronization for PC users that they’d still have sales for a bit. The nice thing about the Mac sync is that it syncs from almost any calendar and contact program, not just iCal and AddressBook.

  7. Sputnik, just a tip — back up your claims before you get slammed. I use Mac and Windows equally every day and the Mac’s software is far more superior. The big boys, such as Adobe play equally on both sides, so they’re irrelevant.

  8. Perhaps the reason that iPodSync was viewed to this writer as “the nicest interface on any Windows application” was because it stole all the icons from Apple. The icons are identical to Address Book, Stickies, TextEdit, iSync and iCal minus the number.

    iPodSync may have been a nice product for Windows users, but really, can’t they come up with their own icons??

  9. Sputnik is an Apple fan masquerading as an MS troll. Anyone who uttered such nonsense in the real world (yes, even the “real IT world”) would require 24-hour nursing supervision and heavy sedation. It’s hard to type when you’re doped up on Depakote and Paxil all day long, that’s how we know our comrade is just doing a brilliant parody of the MS drones.

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