Survey shows Apple to benefit from greater post-production spending in Europe

“Piper Jaffray maintained an ‘outperform’ rating and $60 price target on Apple Computer, expecting the company to benefit from greater spending by both post-production and broadcast customers in calendar 2006. The research firm surveyed 15 post-production customers and 15 broadcast customers at the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam earlier this week,” Maya Roney reports for Forbes.

“Survey results indicated that 53% of post-production customers expect to spend the same or more on technology in calendar 2006 versus calendar 2005. Nearly 40% said Apple would be the primary beneficiary of their technology spending next year,” Roney reports.

Full article here.


  1. Post-production: The process of editing film or video after acquiring the footage. Editing, titling, special effects insertion, image enhancement, audio mixing and other production work is done during post-production. Everything that happens after the camera stops rolling.

  2. After any TV show or Movie gets filmed it enters post production where special effects, editing and music are added. In this world Apple and Avid are currently ruling the world but Apple is quickly being adopted due to Final Cut HD, Soundtrack and Motion are kicking butt in the HD world.

    All those products are high profit for apple and the hardware in these houses is the top of the line G5’s, also big money makers for Apple.

  3. While these guys (the post production guys) can get uber geeky and have very spirited discussions about extremely technical aspects of visual and audio media you care to imagine, these guys do know how to party too. Go to

    I’ve been to a couple of their technical meetings, and been invited to a few of their parties. In general I’ve found them to be a very knowledgeable yet “spirited” group!

  4. I can personally vouch for this, and not to brag, but I have been involved in this since June of this year.

    Working with Apple’s Video Business Unit in the background advising my own industry wide contacts that Apple’s XSan and Final Cut Pro/Express along with the free iMovie (free because iMovie is included in the hardware purchases with iLife 05) is the way to go as FCP is far more cost effective than Avid and I have proven this as a fact to industry as well. Avid costs on average 120K for business users whereas FCP 45K in the same category integrates with internal IT systems perfectly even to allow clients to use their own laptops as means of delivery for material.

    Currently the Apple video unit is moving from Paris, France to London, England into new office space directly above the Regent Street AppleStore.

    As president of MetMUG at my college in London I have also been part of the construction of a new media centre built around Apple hardware.

    MW: volume; as in the volume of professional post production companies and general users of Apple hardware/sofware increases at a rapid rate.

  5. Oh! Thank goodness for all your help with the post-production definition! I thought maybe I’d missed the passing of a new millennium. I still haven’t caught up with the idea of God being dead in post-modernistic times. Then there is my concern for the possibility of losing out on the new hoped for periods of joy, serenity, prosperity, and justice. And Piper Jaffrey was still maintaining their “outperform” rating. I occasionally get a few ding dongs like this.

    Thanks for the technical assistance, guys and gals.

  6. Paris like France has low morale and is suffering a general malaise, as is President Chirac.

    No surprise the that Apple want to be in London, I would move it there too.

    Having said that there must be a good loyal base of Mac users in France as you find there are loads of good programmes and Widgets coming from there.

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