Dress your baby like an Apple iPod nano

iPodMyBaby.com has debuted a “Nano Black” version of its iPod-themed onesie.

“Ultra realistic black with glossy click wheel on 100% cotton American Apparel one piece. A special silk screening technique was used with high density inks to provide a slick and shiny wheel on your baby’s belly. Impossibly cute.”

More info here.

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Dress your baby like an Apple iPod – August 09, 2005


  1. My baby’s dressing up like an iPod nano. Shoot…I’ve loaded at least
    2 GB’s of my favorite songs in the damn thing (the baby). I don’t feel
    foolish about it at all. <•>|<@>

    The iPod nano baby…hard to remove tunes although. Life could be
    that easy…what are you waiting for?

    CT =====]————- Def Jam

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