Apple acknowledges iTunes 5 for Windows issues, update due early next week

“A new version of Apple Computer’s iTunes software released last week appears to be giving many [Windows] iPod owners headaches, according to reports from across the Web,” Alorie Gilbert reports for CNET News. “Complaints about the new iTunes 5 surfaced over the past few day on numerous blogs and discussion boards, including the company’s own discussion board at”

Gilbert reports, “Apple acknowledged the problem and said it’s working on an update. ‘Apple is aware that a limited number of customers are experiencing issues with installing iTunes 5,’ the company said in a statement. ‘We’re working to resolve this and expect to have a software update early next week.’ iTunes is a desktop computer program that comes with the iPod music player and allows people to transfer music to the device. It also represents Apple’s first big foray into designing software that works with Microsoft Windows. People have reported a range of problems with the updated program, while others said the software works fine.”

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Behold the beauty of horizontal integration. Isn’t having a range of problems with the same piece of software on one PC – while another PC works fine – an expected feature in the Windows world? If not, the Windows software industry should be notified. We’ll keep our vertically integrated Apple Macs, thanks.

It is good to see Apple acknowledge the bugs and moving to squash them quickly.

Also, iTunes was not Apple’s first big foray into designing software for Windows. Just because Steve Jobs marketed iTunes for Windows as “hell freezing over,” doesn’t change the fact that QuickTime was first by a large margin.


  1. This reporter obviously has no idea what she’s talking about:

    “appears to be giving many [Windows] iPod owners headaches”

    iTunes isn’t just for iPod owners, it can also be used as a digital jukebox.

    “also represents Apple’s first big foray into designing software that works with Microsoft Windows”

    Anyone ever hear of Quicktime?

  2. I’m forced to use Windows at work and therefore have iTunes for Windows installed on my PC here. I’ve been using iTunes 5 now for 2 weeks with no problems whatsover. Of course, I don’t sync up my iPod or anything like that up here, I do that at home on my Mac. But for just simple music playback and browsing the store, version 5 has been fine. The problems some are having with it probably has more to do with the hodge-podge of crappy PC hardware out there than with iTunes itself.

  3. With my iBook, I’ve noticed a couple times when doing automatic updates to my iPod with iTunes 5: the program reloads onto my iPod a bunch of songs that were already on it. Seems like it’s maybe the songs I just played on my iBook, not sure. Anybody else noticed anything like this?

  4. I had tons of problems updating iTunes on my PissCee (yes, I’m forced to own one). I had to remove all traces of QT and iTunes then hack the evil registry, then turn the darn thing off for a few hours. After a few tries over a couple of days I got QT and iTunes working again. On my many Macs it was not a single problem. I think most problems installing something on Windoze is due to that gawd awful registry. Still in a sick twisted way I like playing with the registry – sort of like playing with a rattle snake.

  5. I thought it was just me having a bad week. It completely wiped out my Podcast directory, and some other funky stuff has happened too. 🙁 (sniff sniff) Next time I’ll remember to back up the DB before upgrading (or maybe I’ll be on a Mac by then!!!)

  6. I’ve also had numberous problems on my work PC and my home PC with Quicktime, every since Apple released the first public preview of 7. But as MDN noted, us Windows users are used to and accept such problems as a fact of life.

    It’s sad, I know.

  7. I installed iTunes 5 on day one and have no problems to report. The only bug I’ve come across is with older podcasts not getting deleted, presumably because they’re added to the library. Other than that, not a thing really.

  8. Problems? Really? I haven’t noticed any problems. I sync up with my iPod, have added songs and podcasts and haven’t seen any problems.

    I wonder what problems have been reported.

    PC user
    (going to change that to switcher soon)

  9. PC Apologist:

    You would be very wrong in that uninformed assumption. The very fact that Apple often supplies software to revert to previous versions (i.e. QuickTime) and has pulled OS updates and Security Updates off their servers (in a timely manner) indicates that Apple has frequently acknowledged when significant numbers of users have run into issues.

    And they fix it fast.

    Its OK to be an apologist. But it isn’t OK when you make up your own facts.

  10. I had a problem with iTunes 5 just the other day. It said my Library was damaged and had to make a new one. Not a huge deal really, all my EQ settings were lost, the “date added” was changed to that day for all songs (that one made me mad), and it lost all my Podcast subscriptions. Apple Discussion Boards had several others with the same problem, so hopefully the update will fix it. It’s funny though, it makes a copy of the original damaged Library and calls it “iTunes Library (Damaged)” but so far I haven’t heard of any way to repair it.

    At any rate, I’d highly suggest backing up that Library file just in case.

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