Switching from Windows to Mac is easy and liberating

“How hard is it to switch from a Windows PC to an Apple OS X Macintosh? I’ve said for a couple of years that it’s easy, but you don’t need to take my word for it,” Al Fasoldt writes for The Syracuse Post-Standard. “Here’s what one reader’s experience was like. This is what Raymond Nourse, of Chittenango, wrote to me a few weeks ago. The letter was unsolicited; I had no say whatsoever in what he wrote. I’ve added parenthetical sections to make some points clearer.”

I just wanted to let you know that after much deliberation, and the purchase of two new PC’s for my wife and daughter, I have finally seen the light – and bought a Mac… Since I already had a new keyboard and 17-inch LCD monitor, I opted for the Mac mini (the least expensive OS X Mac because it does not come with a monitor, keyboard or mouse)… I brought it home – (it’s so small that) my three year old could carry the box – and hooked it up in maybe two minutes tops, then turned it on and was surfing the Net within five minutes on my home wireless network. This is what computing is supposed to be, simple and seamless. Now that I have gotten over, and broken through, my Windows “comfort zone,” I can say that I have been set free of the problems and fears I have experienced with the many PCs I have owned.

Fasoldt writes, “What Nourse says is what many others have recounted, sometimes in almost identical terms, in letters to me since Mac OS X was introduced four years ago. As a newbie Mac OS X user explained to me when I was meeting readers at the newspaper’s ‘Cafe News’ at the state fair, ‘Windows users don’t seem to understand that their problems are Windows problems, not computer problems.'”

Full article here.

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  1. Not only switching “easy and liberating, simple and seamless,” it just makes good sense in light of all the issues with Windows.
    I talk to a lot of people every week that don’t know that their computer problems are almost almost always Windows problems. Most seem to think that is simply the way it is and accept the headaches Windows gives them.
    When I show them the Mac, most have their eyes opened. Many, many people say something like “Why doesn’t Apple advertise like Dell or Gateway?”
    Why indeed.
    If Apple advertised like Dell, sales and market share would explode.
    So say we all.

  2. Ray is not the only one who switched because of what Al writes in our paper. As a member of the Syracuse Macintosh User’s Group, we frequently hear from new members that Al was instrumental in getting them to “take a chance” on the Mac. (Yours truly also falls into that same category.)

    Not only does Al write very well, he’s a great speaker! We always have more members show up when Al stops by as our keynote speaker. Al shares a lot of great stories that he gets from from being a tech writer.

    We’re very glad that Al has recovered from his battle with cancer and always wish Al and his wife the very best.


  3. “their problems are Windows problems, not computer problems.'”
    How many holes will there be in Windows Fista? How many more billions of dollars lost to Windows viruses before they wake up?

    Switch to OS X. Just do it. You know want to.

  4. Ampar, what a great idea you gave me. I can picture a spoof on Windows Vista. Here:

    Windows logo changed to a BIG KNUCKLED FIST (FISTA)

    Picture of a sad user with bruises and bandages on his/her face. Abused by MS.

    Excellent! LOL

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