Jupiter Research’s Wilcox: Apple invented a new category with iPod nano

“My wife’s not much of a technobabe… But over dinner, she mentioned that three times this afternoon while running errands she heard people talking about iPod nano. These conversations she listened to. In one conversation, two people discussed the iPod nano replacing the mini. In another, the cool new product itself was the topic,” Jupiter Research’s Joe Wilcox writes in his blog. “The talk my wife heard today is revealing. One measure of success: Buzz. And iPod nano has it.”

“I took her to see iPod nano last night, at Apple’s mini store in downtown Bethesda, Md. My wife and daughter both gawked, while I showed just a ting more restraint. To say the device is small really doesn’t describe the size. Best is to say that everything else is huge by comparison. I had been thinking that Apple redefined a category. My mistake, Apple has invented a new one,” Wilcox writes.

Full article here.

Advertisement: Apple iPod nano. 1,000 songs. Impossibly small. From $199. Free shipping.

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  1. The Nano is sweet and all, but Apple hasn’t really invented anything new here. Flash mp3 players have been around since the late 90’s. True its got a really nice color screen, bigger capacity, and photo capabilities, but I wouldn’t expect anything less… its 2005/6.

  2. More and more people are complaining about how easily they scratch, even when great care is taken to avoid them.

    I am concerned that this could develop into a possible class action lawsuit if enough people get angry.

    One guy on the Nano forum at Apple posted that his screen shattered from keeping the Nano in his pants pocket as shown on the ad. ??

    Glad I bought a Mini instead after seeing the sad state of the Nano demo units at the Apple store after only a day of exposure to the public. They looked like they had been buffed with a piece of steel wool.

    Not good!

  3. my ipod nano got no scratched no easier than my regular ipod…

    if his screen truly did bust just from keeping it in his pants pocket (as I also do) he probably just got a dud and should write in asking for it to be replaced.

  4. And you know what – Apple might do exactly this again when Intel chips are in the Powerbook…

    Apple redefines/reinvents notebook computing. Apple redifines/reinvents ease of use computing. Apple redefines/reinvents secure computing ETC ETC.

    Go Apple.

  5. wow.. that’s actually pretty remarkable…

    the funny thing is.. people WANT to talk about it.. they’ll just bring it up in random conversation..

    “do you have a music player?”

    “no.. why.?”

    “I just saw this thing on TV.. apple just came out with a sleek black ipod.. colour screen.. about the size of a credit card.. man i want one”

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