Apple’s music competition having tough time and the iPod nano won’t help them

“The new word for iPod is nano. The new style inside is flash memory, like the iPod shuffle, but four times more capacious – up to 4GB holding 1000 songs in a device as elegantly thin as my slim Cross ballpoint pen,” Garry Barker reports for The Sydney Morning Herald.

“‘I’ve held one,’ said a female friend. ‘It’s gorgeous.’ You would think she was talking about a new baby, and of course she was. Nano is the new techno word, meaning super small. US analysts, noting that the iPod mini is the most popular model of music player, say the nano should carry on the trend,” Barker reports. “This iPod thing is for some people becoming a cult – you are not cool if you do not have one, and preferably the very latest. Apple commands more than 70 per cent of the global MP3 player market and analysts have given up saying the market is drying up. It isn’t. The competition is having a tough time, and the iPod nano won’t help them.”

Barker reports, “Rio, which once led the MP3 player market, has given up. Creative is still in there, but does not have the cachet. There is also a question of usability. One of the principal attributes of any model iPod is its easy, intuitive interface. Even on a Wintel machine, iTunes is the benchmark jukebox software.”

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  1. iPod nano commercial idea:
    Have the nano dance on fragments of dead and near dead MP3 players with a choppy and static filled music death rattle coming out of one to the tune of “Sweet Surrender.”

    “And sweet
    sweet surrender
    is all that I have to give. . ” (thanks, Sarah)

  2. This iPod thing is for some people becoming a cult – you are not cool if you do not have one

    Who the F are these people talking to. It’s a good product. It has great marketing, I admit.. but mostly it’s just an excellent product with excellent software.

  3. Mike-
    I agree with you. Who gives a darn about cool. I’m 56 and totally enjoy my 3g 20g iPod filled with classical music; Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Turtles etc,.

    It’s not cool; it’s pure music pleasure.

  4. What make Apple such a juggernaut in the music biz is:

    i-Pods+i-Tunes site+i-Tunes software+Third Party Accessories+cross platform support

    No one in the industry has this….period. MS, Sony, and maybe Samsung are the only companies that have the cash to try to do something. i-River and Creative are almost irrelevant. I predict these last 2 will be out of biz in 2-3 years or be acquired by one of the above.

    Over and out.

  5. Not selling?!
    It’s not from a lack of interest…

    1. The most popular model, 4 Gb, especially the black one, is in temporary short supply in most Apple Stores.

    2. Retail is currently in the lull between the Back-to-School and Christmas seasons. Wait for the Christmas shopping season to start. The iPod nano will be the no-brainer awesome gift to give! … and receive.

  6. We’ve now seen the face of things to come. Apple dominates the digital music market with the iPod and then introduces a product (iPod Nano) that seals the fate of competitors.

    This is how it shall be with the PC market shortly after the Intel Switch. Apple with release a PC product (including and in conjunction with OS X 10.5) that will leave the rest of the world standing in awe. No one will want (let alone care about) M$ Windows Vista that’s obviously a cheap rip off of all Mac OS X 10.4 technology. Why settle for half baked material that has been a tried and true failure when you can have an Apple product that has no rival.

    Congratulations Steve and the entire Apple workforce. Keep up the good work. You all make switchers like me grateful to be able to repent for our past sins with M$ Windows.

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