If Apple isn’t working on their own iPhone, they’re making a stupid mistake

“SanDisk is supplying the removable memory for the Apple/Motorola iTunes phone, the Motorola ROKR – and 2GB storage is possible in 2006,” Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK. “Last week, SanDisk confirmed that its 512MB microSD card is being bundled with the phone, and that the card is capable of carrying ‘approximately’ 120 songs, though the ROKR has song capacities capped at 100 tunes.”

Evans reports, “There’s potential for future growth. The company expects to have 1GB microSD cards in limited quantities by late in the fourth quarter of 2005 and 2GB cards in 2006. This suggests ways future iTunes phones can offer new and higher capacities, and also hints that ROKR owners may be able to carry multiple music collections on their memory cards for different moods.”

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This is ridiculous. The iPod nano is already the size of a gnat’s you-know-what and holds 4GB right now. If Apple isn’t working on an Apple-designed, Apple-branded “iPhone,” they’re making a stupid mistake. If Apple’s this scared of mobile phones that play music (as shown by their artificial 100-song limit on the ROKR), then they must think that mobile phones that play music have potential to hurt iPod. So, make one already, Mr. Jobs! One that the iPod nano simply slips in and out of at the user’s whim, okay? Or one that slips on and off your iPod nano. Either way, the Apple “iPhone” is a phone that becomes musical with the addition of your iPod. No cannibalization that way, right?

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  1. >They might as well work on a phone, because they sure aren´t working on the immediate release of any new computers.

    Quaptro this has more to do with the transition to Intel than Apple not working on their own phone.

    Apple are in a transition period (again) and that will mean no new major computers until the first Intel Mac hits stores. Personally this suits me as it will allow a breather for when time comes to buy a new computer, and yes I would still buy a G5 Powermac/iMac.

    Sure there will be minor speed bumps, but nothing more on the computer front. Perhaps Steve may decide to split iPod announcements into a separate conference away from Apple/Macworld Expo’s.

    iPod Expo anyone?

  2. all iphone.org means is apple owns the name and if people type it in they go to apple. doesn´t mean that apple is suddenly going into the phone service business. why should apple just make a phone, become a provider of phone service, too.

    i have several urls that all go to the same site.

  3. Isn’t it all about the carriers? If all the carriers are trying to implement downloadable music stores for their phones, they probably just aren’t willing to make the deal with Apple and split the revenue. Given the installed cell phone base, the potential revenue is pretty astounding. So if Apple made the coolest phone in the world, which I have no doubt they could, and no carrier would work with them, then it wouldn’t work anyway. I think Apple is at the mercy of the carriers, which is why this half-assed attempt at an iTunes phone made it to market.

  4. TheConfuzed1…

    Hmm interesting idea. The Nano’s practically as thin as a key card anyway, not quite I know but think of the Nano as a cartridge you can slot into other things. Maybe why the earphone plughole is at the bottom, so you can plug the cartridge/Nano into something and still have a visible screen sticking out the top.

  5. macjammer:

    Since the phone doesn’t have the regular cellphone display since as Jobs said it is an iTunes client a question that might scupper its success is one of support and sales staff training for the carriers own line of stores. For a computer company that Apple is by doing this IMO is a risk that is simply too big right now.

    Apple has built a business out of risks that are too big. Bring it on Apple!

    MW: suddenly–And then suddenly, Apple took over the cellular front!

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