Apple iPod nano takes a beating and keeps on beating

The out-of-box experience was nothing less than expected from Apple: excessive, high-end, and oh-so-delightful. When purchasing our 2GB black iPod nano for this review, it even came in a ‘commemorative’ iPod nano bag. Opening the slim nano box was pretty much the same as opening any other iPod, and the contents were laid out in a similar manner—simple, elegant, and organized. It’s when you take the iPod nano out of the box that the true experience begins. That thing is really, really nano! Photos don’t even convey how small and light the iPod nano really is. In fact at first, at 3.5″ x 1.6″ x 0.27″ and 1.5 ounces, it almost seemed too small and too light for me in my hand. The thinness is marvelous from an aesthetic and engineering standpoint, but my first thought upon holding it was don’t break it. We’ll get to exploring that thought later, though,” Jacqui Cheng and Clint Ecker write for Ars Technica.

“What does it take to destroy an iPod nano, and what’s inside this tiny package? We wanted to answer both questions and strangely enough answering the first allowed us to answer the second. We could take our turns at purposely rendering the iPod nano broken, and then when it had endured more damage than it could handle we’d end its misery with a respectful autopsy,” Cheng and Ecker write. “To break the nano in the most scientific manner possible, we would need 5 or 6 nanos and a high-tech laboratory built for this purpose. Unfortunately, all we had was a single 2GB black iPod nano and a giant parking lot, so we had to make do. What we get is a great idea of how much abuse this little guy can take.”

Ars Technica goes so far as to run over an iPod nano with a car (twice) and throw it 40 feet into the air to land on pavement in their full review, complete with photos and autopsy, here.

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  1. The results of this “experiment” are confounded. That is, we can’t tell whether the iPod nano’s eventual total malfunction was the result of an accumulation of insults with the 40′ toss being the “final straw”, or was it the 40′ drop alone that caused it to quiit. How about carrying out each experiment on a new, pristine iPod nano? Only then will we know which single injury can make it malfunction.

  2. What a stupid article. Anything can be destroyed if one tries hard enough.

    “Maybe to a Zen or DJ or something, though.”

    Have the Zen or DJ play the audio of Ballmer’s “Developers! Developers!”. There’d be no “maybe”. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    MW: waste, as in what a waste of time and money on a pointless test.

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